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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Have You Missed Me?

Probably not!  But I have been AWOL from your screen, sorry.

I told you previously that I had a mild dose of what The Photographer had.  How naive I was.  It developed into full-blown Man Flu.  Yes,  Man Flu is capable of crossing gender, so be very afraid, ladies!

I think I'm getting over my wretchedness now, what a silly fluey cold it was, oops, what a debilitating Man Flu it was.  So this post is a quick catch up with the few pics I have.  Because when I've not been feeling sorry for myself, life has been full on.  But life hasn't been OOTD-worthy and I have to say it's been mostly vests and harem trousers ... and that definitely means no photos!

This is as good as it got.  My little floral skirt.  Nothing too adventurous, just adding an Artigiano vest into the mix.  I have some plans for this skirt ... and so does Kellyann, who has set me a real humdinger of a challenge - more on that in another post!

Here's a taste of what else has been occurring in Pout World.


A couple of weeks into the school holidays and I've already ditched the slime making experimentation. There is a plethora of tutorials on YouTube; none seem to work but the project does fully engage.   Our best attempt was a mix of baking powder, cornflour,  hand sanitiser and toothpaste, but it still wasn't what I would call Slime - not that I'm an expert!
So I bought some, hoping to find a clue from the packet's ingredients.  The packet was silent on the matter of ingredients.  I have now turned my back on the whole business of slime!

Instead, by popular demand, we've been making lemonade.  I found a simple recipe and it's very refreshing and like so many things, improves overnight to create an intense and full flavour.
And we've been making fruit smoothies with whatever fruit is in the kitchen, usually blueberries or strawberries, with a banana base ... oh and huge dollops of vanilla ice cream! 

They wanted a cocktail vibe and immediately spotted that the squeezed out lemon shells make great parasols.  I think they give the drinks quite the Caribbean beach bar feel ... nothing Del Boy about these classy cocktails!

Have any of you lovely ladies tried slime making?
And if you have, did you find a formula that actually worked?

The Great Magazine Purge of 2017

Apart from all the kiddie fun, I've been doing a bit of blitzing around the house.  And moving on with my life.
Yes, I am so proud that I have finally decided to rid myself of my magazine collection, that being housey and foreign language magazines collected over too many years.  Why did I hold on to them for so long, I ask myself.  And the answer is, for absolutely no reason whatsoever, for I no longer read them or use them for research.  They had their time and I've moved on.  These days  I find all I need online and my local library makes a huge range of mags available online anyway.  They have become dust collectors.

So out they are going!  This laundry basket load is triumphantly making its way out the door, next stop the recycling container.  And I have another pile ready to go, at least as big as this.
This is so cathartic, so liberating.  Magazines and I have depth.  History.  This purge is a biggie in Pout World.  Closure.

Have you been a magazine hoarder?  Are you still?

This post is a bit short on pics and direction.  But I'm back in the driving seat and raring to go.
I've noted a fair few ideas for blogs whilst I've been AWOL. The medication I'm now on seems to be doing the trick, so I'd better get cracking, turning those scribbled notes into something Pout-worthy.

So with apologies for my AWOL-ness and a less than punchily pictorial return to your screen, I'm off to take some more of that magic potion.  See you very soon!

A la perchoine.

And here are my quick and simple recipes for the wee ones.

Fruit Smoothie

Blitz 1 banana with some milk. Add fruit selection and blitz. Taste and add a little sugar to taste. Blitz in a huge dollop of ice cream for about 3 seconds   Serve immediately.

Easy Peasy Lemonade

Squeeze the juice from four lemons.  Pour into large lidded jug.  Mix with roughly 3.5oz caster sugar, to taste.  Add 1 l sparkling water and loads of ice cubes when serving.

This is a sugary drink so reserve for occasional consumption only.

And something for bigger people

Cut the squeezed lemon shells in quarters.  Freeze.  Add to your G&T, direct from the freezer.  Cheers!  Sante! Salud! Skaal!


  1. Well you know I've missed you. I've been tempted to make Mr Him slime but haven't found the right moment. I haven't bought a magazine for years but do wonder about recipe books. Do I need them when so much is on line.

    1. Thanks, sweetie. I'm sure Mr Him will soon present you with the right moment! Don't you find you get emotionally attached to cookery books? I do. I had a big purge some years ago but my stash is still huge.
      Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  2. Sorry to hear that you have been sick and glad that you are feeling better and raring to go for more pout adventures!

    1. Hi Christy, thanks for popping in with your sweet words. Yes, it's time to walk away from the tissues and have some fun!

    2. Hi Christy, thanks for popping in with your sweet words. Yes, it's time to walk away from the tissues and have some fun!

  3. Welcome back, I'm glad you're feeling better! I have gotten rid of a bunch of my old magazines, but I am still hoarding some of the old Victoria magazines. I'll prob keep them forever!
    Deb in Ohio

    1. Hi Deb, and thanks for your greetings! Well done you with your magazine purge. Hope it felt good. Sounds like you've got a bit of a soft spot for Victoria. I've just googled it and now I can understand why - such lovely homes as settings.
      Thanks for popping in, happy weekend, x.

  4. Yay! You are back! And in a beautiful outfit. I quit subscribing to and keeping magazines years ago....was always feeling guilty for not reading them and for having them pile up. Very freeing, indeed. Hope you and TP are both feeling better!

    1. Thanks, Susan, and what a lovely welcome back! My mags stash has been moved senselessly around the house so many times. I stopped buying them a few years ago so my head was in the right place now to let go.

  5. Yes I did miss you! Glad you are feeling better, we used to make a lemonade I think it was lemons,sugar and citric acid (think that's right) it was very strong and I think we added water to it like a squash.I used to love mags but find that most of the ones I used to have are now so expensive, so end up buying what I call old ladies mags.!!

    1. Hi Polly, great to hear from you.
      Yes, mags are ridiculously expensive these days and filled with ads. If by old lady mags you mean The Lady and Saga, I find myself drawn to them in the doctor's waiting room, and fortunately he's always running late so I have a bit of an old lady magazine pig-out!
      Hope to hear from you soon, x.

  6. Yes, my dear, WE DO have plans for that fabulous skirt!!! And I can't wait to see the reveal. I am sorry to hear about the man flu, what a bummer. Glad you are on the mend and back in action! You are so fabulous!

    1. Thanks for your sweet comments. Longing to try out OUR plan! It does involve ironing and moving in a whole new glam area, both of which are way outside of my comfort zone!

  7. I usually only visit blogs on Saturdays because that's when I have the most time, so no, I never noticed you were absent from blog land. I'm so sorry you got so sick, that's awful! I love your skirt! Such a pretty floral! As for fruit smoothies...yummy!

    1. Thanks so much, dearie. And my Amy,I love your discipline! Most days I'm checking in on someone at some stage, usually before sleeping and I know that's supposed to be bad for sleeping and I AM trying to wean myself off that bad habit!

  8. I'm just doing excactly the same thing today! Ridding of the old magazines. I keep them for blogging inspo and never end up using them. I mean't to say glad you got over that cold Mary. Weve had ours for two weeks now xx

    1. Like minds. So satisfying eh?
      So sorry you're still suffering. My doc suggested day and night nurse, 3 day pack. Don't know whether that did the trick or just general healing time, but mine's gone now. Worth giving it a go.