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Monday, 17 April 2017

Mishy Mashy Monday

Hi my lovelies, I hope you've enjoyed a sunny and peaceful Easter weekend.
As mentioned previously, I'm back home again and I've been catching up on things domestic and horticultural and after a month away, much needs to be done. 

On the clothes front I've been mostly wearing grunge gardening stuff so there has been a paucity of OOTD shots.  But tomorrow I am promising myself a Girls' World hour or two and I did spruce up yesterday for a lovely family meal and some Easter Egg swapping - The Photographer has already nearly demolished one on his own!
What about you?  Has there been much choccie egg eating?

In the absence of OOTDs. today's post is a bit of a miscellany.  An apropos of nothing sort of post.  I'd like to wrap up the end of my trip away so there is some purpose and I'll do this with some uncharacteristic brevity.  I'm letting IG influence my writing style a bit today to keep me on track. 


And love sharing doggybags with friends the day after.

My take on a Danish dish, a fish fillet, mayo and prawns, #pickledasparagusfromLidl #yummy!

I seemed to mostly wear stripey tops and jeans whilst away.

Discovered M and Co homeware.  Loving the yellow again this summer.

#socolourful  #beachacious

I usually photograph an angler or a shed on holiday ... sometimes both!

OOTD selfies continued to disappoint.

 Winkles are big in this part of the country.

Whelks are rebelling with a mobile placard campaign.

Rounding off, a froffy-coffee, sailing boats ...

... #andanotherbadselfie.

I'm sorry if this post is a bit mishy-mashy.  Think I'm back on track in house and garden. 
Normal service should now resume, hopefully.

A la perchoine.


  1. Well at first I thought the statue was wrinkle club. The stripey tops suit you so much. You look fab in it/them.

    1. So funny, think I'm a fully paid up member of that club! Thanks so much, sweetie, I love stripes and feel claustrophobic in checks (think that means I love rules and don't like penning?). I'm guessing when my DNA results come through there will be no Tartan ancestry!

  2. Hi, have you had your DNA tested? I would love to do that.

    1. Yes but the results won't be with us for some weeks. Goodness knows what will turn up!

  3. you are looking as beautiful as ever mary. i'm horrible at selfies too. i've given up on them! i just glanced over at your archive list and it says you've written 65 posts for 2017! how do you do it???!!! xoxo

    1. Thanks so much, Janet, so sweet as ever. Posts? The simple answer is: I'm retired! But life is still busy.
      I probably wrote more frequently last year, my first year. Now I'm trying to find a natural level of output and some consistency, which is difficult as I'm not that type of person!

  4. Oh my you have been to Bexhill, where I live. Hope you enjoyed yourself, lots of places to imbibe coffee (one of our favourite pastimes. If I had spotted you I would have bought you an Americano. Regards Sue H (love your blog and OOTD's, I am a similar age to you I think so you give me food for thought in what to wear).

    1. Oh Susan, what are the chances?!! How cool would it have been to be recognised along the prom!
      Well spotted, anyway. I've posted other pics previously but maybe you're a recent reader?
      Thanks for your kind words about the blog. I love hearing from readers. Looking forward to hearing from you again. Let's have coffee next time I'm over!

    2. Dear PP, I would so love that, have a coffee with you (I mean) so when you are next in Bexhill or Hastings we must meet up. I like the look of your stripey top very much, so versatile. Regards Sue H.

    3. Great. My destination is always Bexhill so see you soon!

  5. You have too much fun! All your pictures are always so filled with enjoyable life moments. Love the striped shirt outfit!

    1. Ahhh, so sweet, thanks! The black and grey stripey top is an easy little outfit fix. I'm sure you're having vacay fun in SC!