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Saturday 22 April 2017

Fringe and Fingers - Girlie Stuff Today!

Firstly, I'd like to welcome my new followers, Gail & Susan.  If I have missed welcoming you as a recent follower, dear reader, then I have to apologise for my lack of technical skills - I can't find how to access the buttons of new followers and the followers section seems to be frozen.  Oh dear.  Sorry.

I've had few days of spring cleaning, gardening and a serious attack on an olive tree, so this post is a bit hotch-potch.
Starting with ...


I had my hair trimmed during the week and still my fringe isn't feeling "right".  So of course I took to my kindle for an investigative selfie, so much easier than a camera.
 Despite the tidy-up, I noted that I still have a sparse fringe.  It's thin in the middle and I can only deduce that it's because I'm suffering from hair loss as I age.

 Yesterday in my doctor's waiting room I picked up a magazine dealing with "female genetic hair loss".  Fortuitous, thought I.   Serendipitous.  So I read that it's common and hereditary.  It's something to do with testosterone and  just when I got to the bit about how maybe I could deal with it (hopefully something can be done), I got summoned into the doctor's room.  So, I know it exists and I know my mum had a thin front bit cos I often did her hair, so it's hereditary.  The bit I'm missing is if anything can be done.  Any ideas?  Are you dealing with a thinning pate?  Are you doing anything about it?  I'd love to hear.


I continue to be gaga about my gel nails, which are now actually growing over my finger tips!  The first time in several years.  However, as a result of stripping, washing and replacing sofa slip-covers, I've had a bit of gel nail damage.  I arranged an appointment to have my nails re-done.  Tomorrow.  Sunday. 

 What is the world coming to?  Until a few years ago, we couldn't buy petrol or rubber gloves on a Sunday nor everything in between. We couldn't go to the pub.  And all of that was just fine by me.  And now we can do all of those things.  

Of course, I choose to do none of them.  But I now discover that I can have my nails fixed on a Sunday.  And I choose to do that.  Nay, I am rushing to do that.  It seems a bit, er, perverse.  But needs must.  I am feeling so weak-willed.  I should have refused a Sunday appointment ... but I have become so quickly fond of having proper girlie nails.

But, stop press ladies, in the interim I have fixed the more damaged of my nails with a teabag.  A teabag you ask?!  Not a handbag a la The Importance of Being Earnest but, yes, you heard right, a teabag.  Just look at the link my helpful Son sent ... here.

It's a bit fiddly and I was using my left hand to work at it so the result is not salon-standard but it's kept the nail together for two days and has stood up to olive tree hacking, so it's doing a great job.  Have you ever tried this?  It's a bit reminiscent of those nail repair kits that used to be on sale.  Showing my age.  Again.

So, there you have it, my hotch-potch of a post.
Hope you're doing just what you want to do this lovely Saturday.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

A la perchoine 


  1. You are so funny and clever. I love reading your posts! Many years ago, I had a noticeable thin spot in the front of my head that I was constantly trying to disguise. I eventually had a hair transplant which worked wonders. I only had to do it once, and have never had any bald spots since. The procedure lasted a couple of hours, but with sedation and a movie I did not even notice. You don't look like you need that, but just passing it along. :-)

    1. Aw thanks, Susan, and welcome to my humble blog.
      Now I am amazed by this information, I didn't know that could be done and so easily and so long lasting. I don't know where you are based but if you are in the UK I'd love to hear where this can be done. Hoping you'll keep popping back with more comments, it's been great to year from you!

    2. I had it done about twenty years ago when we lived in Florida, so can't help you with where to go in the UK; however, I'm sure the procedure is available almost anywhere and the techniques have probably been refined and perfected even more since then.

    3. Thanks so much, Susan, if it gets to be a biggie in my life I will do some research. It's been so good to hear of someone who has had a good experience with this treatment. I'm assuming you still live in the States, but not in Florida, which must be a nice place to be this time of year.