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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

What To Wear For The Hygienist - Revisited

Today you're looking at one heckuva Big Girl.  For I have been to the hygienist.  My hygienist really likes me.  That is why she likes to see me often.  I think that is why.  But I like that she wants to see me often because as well as all the enjoyable banter, she takes good care of my teeth.  And they're kinda important to me.

So today, let's deal with the most important part of good dental hygiene.  What to Wear at the Hygienist!

Here's our Big Girl wearing a big smile for her hygienist, a White Company taupe swing cardi over a M&S Limited Collection modal vest top and Peacocks white jeans.

 Yes, peeps, white jeans.  Again!  In October!
But the opportunities are fewer as we get closer to November :-(.

And look.  Little Clarks metallic toe flatties.  I'm not even attempting to "winterise" my white jeans in this weather.
Queue the scratched record: the day was gloriously warm ...
Too warm for boots.  

And like Phil Collins - No Jacket Required!
Too warm for that too.  Just the merest drape of a woolly pashmina, in complementary colours.

Now I did attempt to play around with the pash.  I hooked out a leather belt and attempted that look where you tether the pash around the waist.  You know, that style you see fashionista sporting.  I was excited to be trying something new and stylish.  The Photographer thought it looked awful.  So awful he refused to take a photo of the look.

You win, Photographer!

To appease him I tethered the pash around my neck instead, no longer A Bag Tied Up In The Middle.  For that, I was told, is how I looked with the belt tethering thing going on.  And I know from experience that A Bag Tied Up In The Middle is The Photographer's ultimate fashion critique.  It doesn't get any worse in his book.

So, heed the word coming down from up high, peeps.  Belt tethering is best avoided if you are barrel shaped like me, lest you become A Bag Tied Up In The Middle.  
Fashion tips from Il Paparazzo.

A la perchoine.


  1. Yes I do love to go to the hygienist too; fab feeling having silky smooth teeth again! I do love the pash tied around the neck; gives the outfoot an even more relaxed look.

    1. Hi Duchesse, Lovely to hear from you. Yes, it's a lovely feeling coming out of the surgery with such clean teeth - she's lovely and does a great job with my gnashers. I hope I fooled her with my "relaxed" look!