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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Autumn Blue

Autumn Blue, texture like sun
Lays me down with my mind, it runs
Throughout the night
No need to fight
 The gloom and bad flew, with Autumn Blue

Yup, dear reader, a paraphrase came on as I wrote this piece.  I give you The Stranglers, with tweaks.

A sunny autumn day.  The sky was a beautiful deep blue.  It was sunny.  And so warm. This autumn day had just about everything going for it.
In fact, I was down to a sleeveless top as I strolled along the seafront.  In October!  Could there be a better day for a walk with my 97 year old aunt.  A wheelchair walk for her, of course.  She is a sprightly 97 year old, but not that sprightly!

Lots of shorts and vests were out.  
I hadn't packed mine :-(.  I did not expect such glorious autumn weather.

I guess this is the epitome of beachside home.  Could it get any more beachey!

Sea edge strollers.

Walkers and pushers (in the none-druggy sense, I hasten to add!).

I even saw swimmers.  Though my little pocket camera didn't do them justice.

And please don't ask.  I have no idea!  A canutophile maybe?

This activity is more obvious!

I love some of the architecture to be found along these Victorian and Edwardian seafronts.

Yup.  A lovely day.  Stored in the memory banks to be pulled out on a dreary winter's day.

Do you store pictures in your head to cheer you up?
Maybe stored for a really cold, wet and windy day. 
My mental picture archive assures me of nature's cycle.  My stored pictures remind me that you've got to know bad to know good.  That it does get better.  The cold winter is necessary but it will end and spring will burst forth, full with promise of even better days to come.  
I sometimes pull out my nice memory pictures when I wake up from a disturbed sleep too, to comfort me, to distract me.  
One does whatever it takes, eh?

And here's what our Autumn Blue lady chose for walking along the prom.

Grey.  Oh how she missed an opportunity here!  Should have worn blue!

Woolovers cashmere/merino "twinset" made up of edge to edge cardi and sleveveless tanktop, Peacock jeans.  All grey.  Not blue.
M&S snake print flatties.  And the end of a brown plaited leather belt just peeping through under the tank in some of the pics!

A la perchoine.

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