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Sunday 27 March 2022

Classic Dressing - Outerwear, Recreated

Hello my lovelies!

My last post showed some retro outer wear which IMHO could stand up proudly with today’s trends. 
I challenged myself to recreate something from that 60s-80s fashion post for the today’s 20s. 

Challenge accepted!

#1 The Raincoat, or its trendier name, The Trenchcoat

Shapes and lengths vary over time

Now although I still have a beige trench lurking in the void under the bed (I have one of those flip-top storage  beds),  TBH I really couldn’t be bothered to hook it out and iron it solely for the purpose of this exercise.  
That’s the way I roll!
It’s stored away because it’s longer in length and these days I prefer a sort of car-coat length for my retired lifestyle. 
 So instead for this challenge I stuck with what I wear right now, in the 20s. 

A shorter black trench. 

This length and colour goes equally well over blue jeans or black coated jeans, and it’s a much more practical length car-wise - and “carring” is something I do lot more of in retirement. 

The trench is from @marksanspencer. 

And so is this one.  Yes I liked it so much I bought it in a hot reddy pink colour too. 
Here worn with a striped top and black jeans. 

So after 40 years the 80s raincoat/trench is still a much-used item but both length and colour have evolved to suit my taste. 

And that’s challenge #1 hopefully successfully executed.  

#2  The Rainhat 

And what about that rainhat, worn here in 1966?

No problem.  I still wear one today!

Singing the praises of the humble rainhat

A rainhat is still a practical solution for my pensioner lifestyle today, just as it was when I was sweet sixteen (🤣).

We all have a casual anorak-style raincoat that usually has a hood stashed away in the collar.  But if you don’t have an in-built hood to your posher raincoat then always have one of these practical hats folded up and shoved neatly in your coat pocket or bag.  
Yes I could carry a collapsible umbrella with me but I tend to use much smaller handbags these days when out and about, if I use a handbag at all these days, and my diminutive bags aren’t man enough to carry even the dinkiest of umbrellas.  So a rainhat is ideal.  
And don’t worry about it blowing off on a windy day.  Pulling the rainhat right down over the ears anchors it in place. 

Challenge #2, done!

So my sweets, that’s two styles that I wore in the 60s and 80s that are still wearable today, subject to the odd tweak to fit with evolving trends and lifestyle. 

Have you given though to what you wore in some of your older pics that would not look out of place today?
Would you like to recreate that same look?
Or perhaps you see similarities with what you wore then and what you’re wearing now?

Whether your answer is yes or no to these questions, I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below. 

A la perchoine, Mary xxx. 


  1. Yes, totally fabulous trench coat recreation. You look so very very 'French' in the raincoat! The red hot pinky colour is rather lovely, too.

    I'm not a rain hat wearer but I do have 2 waterproof casual coats and an anorak as you described. Essential items for walking and there is always one or t'other stashed in my rucksack.

    Have a great week,

    1. Thanks Vronni. Sounds like you’ve got the rainwear sorted!
      Hugs xxx.

  2. You did so well recreating these outfits and I love that red trench! I have a lot of bright kimono jackets for warmer weather but my winter coat wardrobe is pretty much just neutrals, I need to add more colour to it!

    Hope you're having a good week! Another rainy day here.

    Away From The Blue

    1. Thank you Mica. Neutrals work well for coats but sometimes it’s nice to wear that pop of colour on the outside.

      Sounds like you could do with my raincoat and rainhat right now. Keep safe and enjoy the rest of the weekend indoors!

      Hugs xxx.

  3. What a fun post Mary, nice to read about you and your coats, I have many to my name, and nearly all of them get worn every once in a while! Jacqui x

    1. Great that you have your coats on rotation Jacqui!
      Hugs xxx.

  4. A trenchcoat in every color is what I'd own if I lived in the UK, so stylish and functional. I adore the classic style and you look marvelous!

    1. Well I see you’ve been rockin’ a classic beige trench of late sista. Keep on doin what you’re doin!
      Hugs xxx.