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Saturday 24 April 2021

Wearing Real Clothes!

Hello my lovelies!

I thought I’d be open and transparent and show what I’ve been wearing from my 
Real Clothes Capsule.  

There’s nothing new or exciting here, so if you’re looking for fashionista stuff you’d best move on as I won’t be off-the-wall inspiring or selling you stuff here today!

But if you’re looking for everyday outfits to maybe get you out of lockdown loungewear then this may help you on your way. 

 So with that warning, here’s 
What I’ve been wearing. 

Cashmere asymmetric jumper and light wash jeans. 


Grey cashmere merino cardi and shell top with white jeans. 

My second jab outfit, easy slip off brown cashmere merino cardi over a brown cami, white jeans. And jewellery again!

I haven’t been wearing jewellery during lockdown so I’m re-training myself. 

These were hasty shots, the lighting was bad and the outfit was boring. 

But I’m guessing a white long sleeved t, chunky cardi and jeans is something we all wear so this definitely falls slap-bang into the Real Clothes category. 

As does this, striped top, white jeans and comfy pull-on summer weight shoes.
We all wear this right?

Grey and white again, this time a paler grey cashmere v neck over a black vest, and yup, a pendant (jewellery!). 

Ok this pic of an outfit shown previously above popped up , but no matter, it shows how comfy and therefore just how happy I feel in something as classically casual as this combo.

The denim jacket (Gap) came out several times these past few weeks, as the weather has been sunny but there’s been a chill in the air. 

This was worn for my first out-out since January. 

I deliberated long and hard over what to wear for this significant event, then told myself to snap out of it, you’re going to a pub Mary, wear something that’s YOU!

And this certainly is ME. 

As is this.  Brown long sleeved top and white jeans.  
I love brown and white together. 

As I said earlier, there’s been a chill in the air some mornings.  This old lambswool cardi got pulled out a few times, so snug.  
The boots are so comfy but I’ve hardly got out of my flat furry boots this year and so few of my boots brought down from the attic have got an airing.  
Have you found that too?

And talking of outer layers for a chilly day, this waterfall biker does the job too, it’s just thick enough to take the edge off the day, but not too thick as to be bulky, which makes it a good indoors jacket too. 

Ok I did say you’d see nothing new, but these sweatpants were bought at the beginning of Lockdown 2.0, so this qualifies as new in my world. 

Oops the grey and white sneeked in again here.  But no matter, I did wear this type of combo several times in the past month. 

That plain old outfit again, but I can use this Blogger upload fail to talk about jewellery again.  It started creeping into my Real Clothes Capsule (RCC) and this pendant deserves a mention.  
It’s a stone I found on a beach in Denmark.  Along this stretch of Sjรฆllands Odde small pebbles with a single hole can be found (don’t ask me why!).  I collected a few and when I returned home I threaded leather through them and gave them out as pendant souvenirs to family and friends, and kept a couple for myself.
A happy treasured memory of a place that I love and a memory that I can wear around my neck. 

This pendant was my aunt’s.  It’s another memory around my neck.  It was handmade by her employer, who gifted my aunt many beautiful pieces of silver jewellery.  I inherited a few pieces with her passing. 

Love jewellery with a story.

The colourful necklace and bracelet worn here were both charity shop finds.  They may have a history but it’s not mine to tell. 

Long brown merino cardi.  This came out a fair few times.  Warmth without having to wear a jacket which would feel sooo last season!

Ok just a mention about this combo,.  Camel and red.  I visited a 94 y.o. aunt (bright as a button and sooo smart).  She was wearing camel with a soft rust top and her outfit was nicely accessorized.  
Next day I felt inspired to recreate her outfit but with what I had to hand in my RCC.  This was it.  
Very ladylike I thought, well apart from the silly side pony tail!

So I mentioned jewellery with history.  On my first out-out I decided to wear the family silver!  
Here’s a layered mix which includes a silver leaf pendant of my deceased aunt’s, and a lovely heart drop which has a pic of my grandchildren impregnated on the flip side.  Jewellery with stories.  So lovely. 

Oh gawd.  This outfit has popped up AGAIN in my feed.  What more can I say?  
Oh, this.  I first saw a camel and red mix in my Honey magazine as a teenager.  It was demonstrating an American preppy outfit, and I’d never seen these two colours together in an outfit before.  
So 60 years later I tried it.  

I’m a cautious dresser and much deliberation sometimes goes into an outfit beforehand.
Ok my pub outfit took a few days of deliberation, but 60 years ...?!!!

Stop with the incessant repeat pop ups, Blogger!

Oh lord all mighty!  The grey and white again.  What can I say to make this pic look relevant and intended?
Well how about this.  These shoes.  They are new too, bought in lockdown with the sweatpants.  And I love them.  They’re from F&F via Next and they are the most super comfy and light footwear for this time of year.
 ⚠️  if you’re thinking of buying this kind of shoe, I suggest you think about sizing down. 
I sized down in order to stop them slipping, for they have no fastening and I thought the elasticated top edge  might sag with wear.  
Good move Mary, the size is perfect and the fit is snug. 

Repeat alert!  Blogger! This has to STOP!!!

And I can think of no further captions for this much-repeated outfit pic.  Sorry. 

And because Blogger determined this erratic and repetitive pic feed today, let’s leave with this low key repeat outfit. Pretty much my lockdown uniform.  
Black jumper and joggers, a khaki scarf to match the khaki utility jacket I wore, and those comfy shoes!

I apologize for the ennui you may be feeling right now as you’ve seen colours, pieces, and whole outfits on repeat here today, but that’s what you get for when an RCC and Blogger collide!

The good news is that I’m putting together a new RCC 
as towards the end of this post it dawned on me that I’d pretty much been wearing browns white grey and black for weeks on end.  
I need to add Colour to my Real Clothes Capsule!  
Real Clothes Colour Capsule.  RCCC!

So tell me now, if YOU were to show the reality of what you wear day to day, and maybe as you too come out of lockdown, would your outfits be similar?

Hugs, Mary x. 



  1. These are lovely lockdown outfits! :) It's funny as I noticed I wasn't accessorising much in lockdown either - but I'm making sure to take advantage of all my accessories now life is back to normal - even my statement earrings I used to save for work days (my kids can tug on them otherwise, but I'm trying to teach them not to pull so hard so I can enjoy my earring collection, haha!)

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend! It's a long weekend here :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Loved hearing how you’re back on the accessories with a vengeance Mica, me too!
      Hugs x.

  2. Hi Mary, thank you for all your lovely photos. I particularly like your splendid collection of silver jewellery and you have inspired me to get my white jeans out and wear them earlier this year. Living in Scotland it can seem like a brave move if done too early in the year. I continue to find pieces in my wardrobes that I had forgotten about and so get inspiration for putting outfits together, like you I have rather a lot of clothes! I enjoy them though as do you I am sure. Let's step elegantly into this new world of going out again.

    1. Get what you mean about the white jeans thing Alysia, they don’t look good on a drab day and also one can peak too early and get bored with them come mid-summer.
      Go boldly and elegantly into your lockdown exit!
      Hugs x

  3. I think grey and white and brown and white are lovely combinations and always look elegant. I loved what you've been wearing Mary, and the jewellery (you know I love my jewellery) was just lovely. I particularly loved the multi layered silver necklaces look. Your capsule wardrobe looked both smart, stylish and comfortable.

    I haven't yet worn my white jeans and I managed to buy a cream pair in Sainsbury's sale so they'll be making their presence felt very soon.

    Looking forward to see you venturing into a colourful clothing capsule.

    1. Vronni, you have been an inspiration throughout lockdown, you continued your path with complete bejewelled outfits, make up and smart hair each and every day. Well done you ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘.
      Hugs X.

  4. Tan and red looks good. I haven't tried that Mary. Here's to our weather picking up eh? I'm fed up with jumpers and want to do the wardrobe switch! x

    1. Laurie, I see that camel and red combo as pure American preppy, give it a go, I know how you love your neutrals. I haven’t done my switch yet either, I’ve made a small start by hooking out long sleeved t shirts; I’m starting to feel it on the shoes front as it’s too warm for boots and I’ve got nothing else in the pot!
      Hugs x.