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If not now, when?

Friday 27 July 2018

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary ...

… how does your garden grow?

Well, the answer is perhaps a little too profusely this year.  I can't keep up with it.

The pergola has got totally out of hand. 

This has been my focus since I returned from my hols. I've thinned the grapes and strung up with new growth of vine.  And hacked back the invasive passion flower, creeping in on the left of the photo.
You can't see my good work, of course, as these are the before shots.

Grape clusters are forming, and that's a good thing.  So I'm making sure they have the room and the energy to do their grapey stuff.

Roses are blooming.  I have white, salmon pink …

… a pretty pale pink ...

... and yellow.  I love seeing yellow next to blue, here next to agapanthus. 
This colour combo makes my heart sing. 

Another heart singing colour combo is orange with purple. 

I have the orangeness of the dainty crocosmia, but not purple.  Maybe next year.
In the meantime, I'm making do with white agapanthus and the deep copper coloured leaves from the drooping peach tree branches

That's how my garden is growing right now.  Profusely.  The grass is parched yellow, but let's focus on the good stuff.  The sun is shining (every single day!) and we have lots of pretty flowers to enjoy.  And grapes.  My next garden post will reveal the crop that will become Chateau Pout 2018.

So, dear reader, how's your garden growing? 
Are you feeling the scorched earth that is the Northern Hemisphere's summer this year? 
And if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, what's growing in your garden right now?

A la perchoine.


  1. My garden has been wilting. The lawn is yellow. I'm hoping that our new shrubs and trees are watered whilst we are away. Your overflowing vine would keep you cool if you had left it wouldn't it!

    1. Oh fingers crossed, Anna, I know you put a lot of hard graft into your garden.
      The pergola's a cool place to eat in summer. I've thinned the vines but still kept the cover as the wisteria is stretching out from the back to compensate for my ruthless secateur action!
      Hope you're keeping cool on your volcano!
      Happy holiday hugs, x

  2. Good to see that at least the garden still has flowering beauties in it. The pergola area is looking lovely. Have you had a chance yet to eat there... (sorry, my question mark is on holiday). My garden has wilted completely and I have accepted that. No amount of water can put right what three weeks absence and scorching temps have done (even if there was no watering ban). However, my geraniums in front of the house are still going strong, thanks to my mum popping over every day to water them and deadhead them during my 3 and a bit week absence. Bless her! Enjoy!!

    1. Aw thanks, Duchesse, I'll post some update pics and yes we have eaten out there, it's always lovely. Good old mum doing amazing things with your geraniums, they are so beautiful. Sorry to hear about everything else though, but you needed that good holiday away eh. Now, go sort out that errant question mark!
      Hugs my lovely,x.

  3. Love your garden pics Mary! Very jealous of the vine. Are they eating grapes? I might do a post on my little patch. I love gardening and cram in as much as I can. The roses were wonderful this year, in fact most things were - honeysuckle, jasmine - everything loved the sun. And my grass has stayed green! (well, it's fake.....)

    1. Thanks, Gail, I inherited the vine when I bought the house 15 years ago and have some built a pergola to support its growth. It's old and may have originally been in a greenhouse. If El Skorchio continues, they should be edible. Put in your order for Chateau Pout 2018 now!
      You made me laugh about your grass, you really got me with that one!
      Looking forward to seeing more of your garden in your forthcoming post!
      Hugs, x.

  4. I can tell you live in a much warmer climate than mine based on the flowers you can grow. I wish I could grow vines like that! Love your roses, that's another flower I can't grow. My garden is looking pretty good. I have an invasion of Japanese Beetles this year: first time ever in 25 years of gardening. UGH!

    1. Yes, our gardens probably have different plants thriving in them. Fortunately no Japanese beetle have stopped off here, they sound a nightmare to get rid of, poor you and you love your garden so much. Hugs, x.

  5. Now that's a garden Mary, Mary quite contrary! I love it! That pergola looks like it would be my favorite spot to sit in and sip some wine. Oh how I would just love to have a cutting garden, so I could enjoy my own fresh flowers rather than buy them at the grocery!
    What a green thumb you have!

    1. Believe me, this garden does its own thing, I merely cut things back occasionally. The pergola is a great escape from the sun and as I only enjoy a glass of wine socially this year, it's seeing no wine action so you need to get over here - let's get socialising!!! Hugs, x
      P.s. could do with a glass right now, we've been gutting and painting the utility room this weekend as it's been raining (!!) and I'm knackered!