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Saturday 28 July 2018

Mama Mia - Coral Again!

Yup, here I go again - wearing coral on repeat.

So me and my man had a movie date and my matinee performance of choice was Mama Mia 2.  
And for my date afternoon with The Photographer I found myself in coral again.

The Outfit


I teamed my crazy-print trousers with M&S plain T top (£7.50) and bronze sandals.
Love this T, BTW, it's super-silky so drapes well.

I draped an old jumper from Next, just in case.  Well, you never know with the AC in cinemas, eh?

Playing Mind Games With Colour

Previously I called this jumper pink, now I'm calling it coral.  
I like colours that can bat for more than one team.  Just changing the colour name in my head gives a piece a whole new colour spectrum to play around in!  Have you tried that mind game?

I am enjoying the fun I'm getting from coral.  It's such a vibrant summery colour, but yet soft and feminine too.
It feels a little strange to think that just a year or two ago I was in pinks and greys and beiges and now I'm bursting it out in some crazy colours, like coral and bright blue.

My cool coral mix was just right for the film, which I'll tell you about in my next post.

Earlier and in the heat of the day, I'd worn the T with a white linen skirt, very old from H&M.

The styling may be rather plain but it totally worked for a hot day of car purchase negotiating.

How are you handling the temperatures where you are?

Mama Mia - Here I Go Again!

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A la perchoine.


  1. You look so pretty in coral, I can see why it's on repeat with you. It's one of daughter's favorite colors as well.

    1. Thanks Amy, I'm sure your daughter looks gorgeous in the colour, maybe Alethea will get to like it too!
      Wishing you a happy travelling Sunday, X.

  2. it's a funny mind game but you are right: things look completely different with a different point of view!!
    In any case pink/coral is a very nice summery colourthat suits you !
    I especially like it with white...

    1. Thanks, Dan. One of my plans is to mix up with some white, so great minds think alike eh?!
      Wishing you a happy weekend in Bella Italia! X.

  3. Love both outfits! Lise

    1. Thanks, Lise. Hope your weekend is going fabulously. X.

  4. Well kudos to TP for going with you, Brian wouldn't so I went with my sister! The theater was packed with women! I sang my heart out, I love ABBA. Brian does too but isn't one for musicals, oh well, he missed out because I thought it was incredible. Not so much a fan of Cher in the film but oh well. Don't get me wrong I like Cher but not her singing ABBA.
    Anyhow you look amazeballs in your coral and talk about a style evolution - getting all crazy with new shades, eh? You wild woman you keep TP on his toes I'm guessing!
    Ok sweet friend too bad we couldn't have seen the movie together but glad we both saw it!!

    1. I'm sure if TP had had the option to hang out with Brian he would have ditched the film. And we could have shared some popcorn. I thought Cher did well with Fernando and I liked the humorous slant to it.
      I'll have to tell TP about the wild woman bit, he'll chuckle! But yes, I had a minor epiphany recently and it didn't come about from wearing bright clothes, though maybe that's how it manifests itself!
      Hugs, honeyball, go out and sprinkle some Kellyann sparkle on Florida this week! X.

  5. Coral is such a great color! I want to see that movie too.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    1. Oh Amy, you will love the film! Hope you get to see it soon, hugs x.

  6. The coral top with the patterned pants is fabulous. I really enjoy wearing patterned pants sometimes. They hide so much and are fun to wear. Great pics as always and good to hear that you enjoyed the movie.

    1. Hi Christy, well that's an interesting tip of yours and I think you're spot-on, for they do seem to hide 'stuff' like wobbly legs. My first pair, but more to come perhaps! Hope you get the see the film too. Have a blessed week, x.