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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Summer Madness Starts With Coral

… and where will the madness end?

Hello to you, my sweet gorgeousnesses of the blogosphere!
For those of you in the summer season right now, I hope you're enjoying this summer sparkle as much as me!  And for those in the southern hemisphere, I hope you're keeping snuggly.

I recently told you about my little bit of summer madness (see HERE), in Where Corals Collide.
Well rather a lot of corals did collide and fell right into my shopping basket!  
And now I am basking in the glory that is coral and, to be honest, trying to make some sense out of the sheer quantity of what I rather rashly bought whilst enjoying the delights of a Sussex M&S.

So you'll be seeing a lot of this pretty colour as I try out the pieces IRL and integrate them with my neutrals.  Coral is a feminine yet fun colour and oh what fun I'm having!

The coral madness started with these print trousers. My heart pit-a-patted when I saw them and I found myself moments later in the M&S store with my arm groaning from the weight of the coral capsule I had created around this inspirational print.   'Twas a moment of summer madness.

Yes, these are statement trousers but when I find a print I actually like I just have to pounce.  The good news is the print isn't just about the coral so there's plenty other colours to play around with, stretching their wear within my over-generous wardrobe.  And I'm excited about the prospect of seeing where I can take these trousers. 

The trousers are a linen mix, so super-cool in these el skorchio temps, and just in case 'im up there is a reader of my blog, I am enjoying this long hot summer very much, thank you, so keep up the good work.

And yes, having just talked about el skorchio, you see me wearing a jumper!  Well it's soft and lightweight.  It has a slouchy style and a band across the back neckline, to keep the v in place I'm guessing.
  The idea of a jumper on a hot summer's day sounds a bit bonkers but I was off early morning car-hunting and this seemed right to start the day.

Accessorising with cactus flowers.

(Please forgive the messy deck, it's work in progress I'm afraid as I'd been cutting back the grapevines when these pics were taken and I'm a messy gardener). 

What a striking match and just outside my back door too.

I took a break from my car search to stretch my legs in this spot, near the Vale Castle.

In the background are the islands of Herm (a.k.a. Paradise) and Jethou.

So, I've been getting comfortable with coral.  And garish trousers - they are soooo not what I would normally put on my legs. 
Whatever is happening to me? I'm doing pretty crazy things lately and the summer madness is creeping into the strangest places - you should see the bonkers car I've chosen as a replacement for my granny car!

Now what about you, my lovelies?  Are you feeling the summer madness?
Is the headiness of summer encouraging you to do something totally bonkers?
You know what, I'd love to just hear from you!

A la perchoine.

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  1. What's wrong with coral? It's a favourite of mine. I've just bought cactus jam .now that maybe where madness lies. Spitting out cactus prickles.

    1. Oh nothing wrong with coral, the quantity of it I bought is where the madness lies! I'm excited to hear what the jam tastes like once you get passed the prickles. Hope you're having a great time, gozarte bien, x.

  2. Love that top! Coral is one of my favorite during summer :)

    1. Hi Kimbrly, glad you lie it. Wishing you a coralacious Hugs, x.

  3. Love love love coral. Did you know that it is a universally flattering color? At least, so I've heard. And it definitely looks good on you. Can't wait to see what else you pair with the printed pants. Looking good!

    1. Thanks Susan and no, I didn't know that but now I'm going to be checking everyone out in their coral! I've got plenty more ideas for these trousers, they are very giving.
      Happy weekend sweet Susan, x.

  4. I agree with all of the ladies above...coral is a fantastic colour and so flattering indeed, even more so with a tan! Can´t wait to see what else you came back with from the UK! I must say that I had a bit of a hot flush (flash for the American readers) when I saw the photo of you wearing a jumper... The temperature here has just reached 34 degrees Celsius and I shall spare everyone the details of what my outfit looks like at the moment!

    1. I'm going to be on the lookout for ladies looking lovely in coral. Even TP is rocking it! Oh don't fret, the jumper is very thin and I didn't have a chance to show you my purchases so please keep checking in to the blog.
      34!! The mind boggles at the thought of your outfit for that temperature!!
      Much hugs, x.

  5. You wild woman, you! Going all crazy with the printed trousers! Ha! They are terrific and you can go in so many directions with them, glad you pounced! We must see the car you chose. I am due for a car next Spring and this is the first time in 20 years I get to choose anything I want rather than what is practical for a family. I'm a little overwhelmed!
    Stunning in coral my beautiful friend!

    1. Well I must be a real rookie because I had NO idea printed trousers could give so much. I have great plans.
      Oh, the car! Like you, I've always gone for practical then last week I had an epiphany and thought, if not now, when? So I'm excited to know where you're going to go with yours, young lady!
      Huggy weekend to you, x

  6. I would have scooped up those pants as well, and you look smashing with the coral jumper. But you made me google the Isle of Herm, and what a truly lovely place! I want to walk those neolithic beaches and wear coral and some lovely summer pants too! You are one lucky duck.
    Stay Cool!

    1. Thanks for popping in and well done you for doing the research on the island. Well you know, I now want to take those trousers and some coral over to Herm some time soon. I might bump into you, at least we'll recognise each other in our coral!
      Hugs, x.