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Monday 23 July 2018

What I Packed, What I Wore

Or it's snappy acronym, WIPWIW
Or its more fitting hash tag,  #WHENwillIeverlearn?

Hello my lovelies.  Have you been on holiday recently?  How did you fare with your packing?
Me?  Yes to the first and, errr OK, to the second.  Just OK, for I wore so little of what I packed (as usual, WHEN will I learn?!) I did a lot of repeat wear, which I usually do (when WILL I learn?!!).  And I quickly went into uber-casual mode, which I always do (when will I LEARN,?!!!).

So grab yourself a cuppa as this post is quite a tome!  Sorry but I can't help myself, I like chatting to you!
Now let's take a look at what I actually wore in the Devon countryside!


I packed white, yellow and navy striped Ts, grey/white T, 2 navy/white Bretons (why TWO?!), navy/white blouse, multi-coloured chiffon tunic, navy cami. white vest.

My default outfit was white shorts or cut offs and white t shirt (Peacocks).  Seen here zjujshed up with my faithful silk scarf, a hint of Breton sweater around the neck and the colour of the butterfly accentuated with a larger than life Mae West vest.  TP wore a saxe blue polo and terracotta shorts (M&S)

Here the white T is perked up with a blue/aqua tassel necklace (Peacocks).

This is my holiday T (M&S, really old).  It always travels with me in warm weather.  It's got splodges of grey and crystal beads and it's all about the drape with this T.

Blue stripes were abundant in my WIW shots, M&S and Primani respectively.

And here on Dartmoor, yellow stripes from M&S.

That was IT, as far as tops were concerned.  #embarressed. 


I packed a few.  Yellow print, navy bardot, maxi.  And this one.

I wore this simple and cool coffee linen dress on repeat.  On the 4th.  In Hastings Old Town.  On the clapper bridge in Postbridge, Dartmoor.

New Purchases

Time to mention here that I forgot my sun hat and our heatwave necessitated me grabbing a lovely straw hat (above) from M&S  It has a glam twist of  soft brown leoprint fabric and because all we fashionistas know that "leoprint is a neutral", I was able to wear it with EVERYTHING, of course.

I bought bronze sandals from M&S as I find that my white Clarks sandals can get to look a bit clumpy and pedestrian with certain things, like this linen dress.  And then I wore these new sandals for pretty much the rest of the hols; they became instant go-tos, so comfortable and with a hint of sassy-walk about them too!


I packed yellow, white and navy.  

I wore none of these.  Instead, on the few early-start days when it was a little fresher, I frequented this Ultraviolet knit from M&S which I bought on arrival in Sussex and instantly loved.


I'd taken blue jeans, white jeans, posher white trousers, white cut offs, white shorts, white linen skirt.

I'd been living in shorts for weeks, so why oh why did I pack just the ONE pair?  I wore my white shorts on repeat and freshened them up twice during the holiday.  I wore white crops a few times and wore blue jeans once on the flight over and on this fresher day above, when meeting up with double-cuz and her partner on their boat moored at Noss Mayo, Devon (so cute).

In the farm's vineyard.

I wore this beach kaftan after swimming.  It's from East and was passed on to be by a kindly cousin - so it's 2ND LOVED, Terri!


Black and white popped in a few times.  I have to admit that I started out with a fairly tight colour range of white, yellow and navy.  Coffee strayed in.  And black.    It just doesn't feel natural to travel with zero of this staple neutral, so I bunged in a black t shirt at the last minute.  As you do.

Here, I threw my shorts over my black bathers, so this black "top" cheekily sneaked into my capsule too.

And here a simple black T, my last-minuter, accessorised with the Egyptian hand necklace.


I never travel with truly expensive stuff, like real gold or silver jewellery, heirlooms and irreplaceable items.

My jewellery was my holiday pack of inexpensive disposable bracelets, necklaces and earrings, which the exception of a silver Egyptian hand wall hanging (seen above) which has become a staple.  It was gifted to me, to which I added a necklace extender to turn it into a beautiful necklace.  And there is an additional plus to this, for I discovered that if I flip the front side over (which has black beads) it becomes a simple silver adornment which goes with just about EVERYTHING.

Jewellery Makeover Tips

1.  Take a look at pretty objects, things you like, and consider whether they can be re-purposed as jewellery.   A necklace extender (try Amazon) works magic!

2. Look at jewellery and flip it around a bit to see if it can become multi-purpose, i.e. not dictated by a particular colour.

"Activity" Wear (yeah, like that's gonna happen!)

I took a navy/green/white tankini and plain black bathers.  I wore the bathers only.
I took the leoprint beach cover-up, as shown above.


I packed wedged espadrilles, metallic toe flatties, white sandals, silver flip flops, white pumps, Birkies.

I wore the flatties and the white sandals a few times, the white pumps once for the boating, the Birkies every day and my newly-purchased M&S bronze sandals a lot!


Grey Primani crossbody travel (houses accessible my travelling needs plus Kindles).
Taupe crochet crossbody every other day.


I packed my white East denim jacket and my H&M denim shirt, which I wear as a shacket.

I wore neither. 
It was El Skorchio, don't ya know?!


As I mentioned in an earlier post, my carry-on weighed in at 7.1kg but my shoes and toiletries were in TP's larger check-in! 
And as you can see from the above, I could easily have packed one quarter of what I took and have been comfortably dressed for the whole trip, for that is what I actually wore.


I packed little make-up and most days were make-up-free.  I got that one right!
I wore variations of the following: CC cream, Touche Eclat, Clinique mascara, trio of taupe eye shadow, Rimmel lip pencil, Clinique chubby lipstick, Body Shop gloss balm.  
On no make-up days, I wore just lip balm.

What The Photographer Wore

He wore polo shirts and shorts ad infinitum.  And he felt sooo good in his M&S purchases of same.
He bought shorts in navy and stone to add to his existing packing of terracotta and a burgundy/blue small print.  And beautiful colourings of polos.

And on this day I discovered he'd "twinned" with his Boston brother!  Don't they look cute together?

Did he wear jewellery?  Yes he did! His son gave him this obsidian healing bracelet for Father's Day and he has worn it solidly since.  Every.  Single.  Day.  I think he likes it!

So, my dear reader, that's my packing. I totally overpacked.  I just don't learn.  My observation after many summer holidays is that I go super-casual after just a day or two and go into repeat-mode like there is no fashion post to write when I get back home!

I hope that you find this post useful as a reminder of what you really need on holiday, which should guide you to what you should sensibly pack.  Maybe.

And what about you?  Have you learned to pack what's right for you from your previous holidays?

A la perchoine.

Holiday shots
My shopping spree try-outs
Mamma Mia!


  1. To Learn? I think it's more like showing us how it's done Mary! I too, always pack way too much! So many great looks here, oh for that M&S T to still be available. #gorgeous xx

    1. Thank you, sweet lady! The T is pretty darn perfect as it hangs well, has a bit of subdued glitz, is long and is super lightweight. Perfect suitcase fodder! Why don't manufacturers make more like this? Hugs, x.

  2. Good post Mary, I think you got it just right! Lovely selection and hope you had a fun. Jacqui Mummabstylish

    1. Thanks Jacqui, plenty of fun was had ! Hugs, x.

  3. I say it's always better to over pack then under pack! I've learned the hard way that it stinks to have to purchase something you already have at home because you left it there! I also like to have options but sometimes I have to try to pack less and it stinks. I am always so jealous of my husband - he throws some things in his suitcase and he is set - always comfortable and always dressed appropriately. He never has shoe issues! Oh how I wish my packing was that simple!
    Bonus - you look marvelous in all your photos so I say you're doing plenty right!

    1. Yes, men can be bloomin' annoying with their perfect packing. I have to say though that I pointed TP towards the shorts and polos in the shop and they were the game changer in his suitcase. And you are so right on the shoes too, he wore some loafers for driving and those sandals. every. single. day. Hummph! Hugs, x.
      P.s. thanks for your bonus!

  4. Oh my gosh. I am going to have to steal your idea and write a post on this very subject. I thought I had packed perfectly for our last trip, and truly could have gotten by with half of what I took. Agree that you looked great in everything, and looks like a really super vacation. Hugs.

    1. Oh Susan, I look forward to your post!
      My overpacking could have been worse. I realised that I was proudly creating a capsule that would give me a different outfit for each of 30 days. Then I stopped myself - duh, IRL holidays are repeat-wear and rinsing out!! 5 outfits tops is all we need for holidays eh?
      Hugs, x.

  5. What a timely post; I have been trial packing for a week. I am trying to stick to a plan but keep changing my mind. Last time I travelled overseas to London and Paris I left half of what I packed at a charity shop because I bought new things. The weather is cold here so I need some warm clothes to depart but hoping the UK summer is still around in August!

    1. You are spot on, Pieta, I had a bit if a spend too but the things weren't really quite suitable for the hot countryside. Your warm travelling clothes will be good to have for the cooler Shetland days and a lightweight waterproof too. I guess you're keeping an eye on the 10 day forecast now. Won't be long! Hugs, x

  6. Mary - what a fantastic pout you have!! Lovely lips.
    I never learn with packing either, and will never be either a capsule person or a person who takes hand luggage (only under duress). I like to take EVERYTHING and as long as I can manage the suitcase, Mr Mutton stays schtum.
    Agree with you on the jewellery. I still grieve for the gold earrings I bought in Greece many years ago, and the charm bracelet, which were stolen from my suitcase, either in Turkey or at Stansted.

    1. Oh I'm flattered Gail, you've made an old pensioner very happy!!!
      I guess it's a good discipline that we do our schlepping and are mindful of what we pack.
      But such a bummer that you've had fave jewellery stolen, Gail.
      Hugs, x.

  7. I am a terrible packer. Love TP’s beads! Can I tell you, while you are divine in splashes of color, especially blues and coral, those black and white outfits are spot on gorgeousness! So chic and classy! Oodles of love back to you for the sweet love you send me across the pond.

    1. I'm not being a creep, Andrea, you really DO put me up there on Cloud Nine with your comments !
      I am with you on black, colour is cheerful for summer but black says style and I think it may even be illegal for a girl to omit black totally from her suitcase 😱.
      Hugs, x.

  8. You have chosen some great outfits from your suitcase and all look lovely. Totally agree on the jewellry. I always have issues choosing shoes as they take up so much space in the suitcase and can be heavy. I know, wear the heaviest and biggest while travelling, often my hikers, but it's still a headache for me. I tend to travel to very casual places and usually have laundry facilities so I do travel fairly light but it can get a bit boring sometimes. Of course, when packing for travels however much you plan ahead, check the weather, you can never totally plan for the anomalies in the weather. How did you know it was going to el skorchio? If you hadn't taken those cardigans then you would have needed them.

    1. Yes, I wear the heaviest/bulkiest but now I've discovered hubby's case, I suddenly find I can take more shoes 😏. Give that a try! And yes, one can feel smug with a miniscule capsule but it does start to get a bit samey after a couple of weeks. And you are so right, I checked the 10day forecast for a good week and Devon was consistently cooler than Guernsey by 3-4c,and then wouldn't you know it, el skorchio returned!
      Hugs, my dear, x.

  9. You have chosen some great outfits from your suitcase and all look lovely. Totally agree on the jewellry. I always have issues choosing shoes as they take up so much space in the suitcase and can be heavy. I know, wear the heaviest and biggest while travelling, often my hikers, but it's still a headache for me. I tend to travel to very casual places and usually have laundry facilities so I do travel fairly light but it can get a bit boring sometimes. Of course, when packing for travels however much you plan ahead, check the weather, you can never totally plan for the anomalies in the weather. How did you know it was going to el skorchio? If you hadn't taken those cardigans then you would have needed them.

    1. Great to hear from you again so soon, Christy!!

  10. You had lots of great outfits! I always tend to overpack as well. It's so hard to be streamlined when you want to make sure you are prepared!

    1. Yes, you're so right Laura, I find myself putting in the odd fancier piece "just in case" and the high-end cocktail party invite from Mr Clooney gets lots in the ether, every.single.time. 😢. Happy rest of week, x.

  11. I think we all overpaid, Mary! I loved your holiday wardrobe and that t shirt with the drape is just fab on you. I've often wondered what it is that makes some t-shirts look so much better than others and now the penny has dropped - it's the drape...

  12. Hi Mary!
    This was a fun and interesting trip on your trip! :-) I am the "underpacker' it seems, i pack few things and wear the same thing over again! People would not know I was a fashion blogger! heehe. I love so many of the things you packed- the silver tee looks so good with the white pants, the cobalt blue is striking with your light blue scarf. Enjoyed seeing hubby too and his twin!
    i love your makeup. i wear Eclat primer and Ysl and love it. your lipcolor is lovely too. i do wear little jewelry on trips as I dont want to lose things!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    1. Oh you good packer you, TP would love to travel with YOU, Jess!
      Funny how that thinning old silver T keeps getting the compliments after all these years, but it's just perfect for holidays.
      I'm a fan of YSL products, like you it seems. Make-up twins! Thanks for liking the make-up choices. The chubbystick shade is Razzmatazz and I wear it under lip balm or just lip balm on its own (can't remember what I put on that day!)
      Hugs my pretty, x.