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Saturday 8 April 2017

The Grey Top - Your Pout Needs You !!!

Now here's the thing, peeps.  I am being challenged by this grey M&S sales top.
It's challenge is how to style the wrap thingey at the front.  I recently had to delete a photo on a post here as the tied top looked, well, rude.
I am not one to give up easily.  I had another attempt at it recently.
The Photographer With Fashion Views suggested tying it behind.  It looked fine at the front but a bit bustley at the back.

I tried tying it loosely. 

This results in a very long dangley bit at the front.

I tried it with a side tie.

It then dangled strangely under my light grey puffa.

So I tucked it up into the tie thingey. 

Looks OK with the jacket on, but just plain silly when the jacket is removed.
Your help is asked   desperately needed   begged.
Do you have any ideas?   Can you style The Pout in this top (and decently) ?
I know from the redacted pic from the earlier post that the knot-and-dangle works but is not for public viewing.  And that is probably why this otherwise handy top was in the sales. 
Any ideas on how this can be tied stylishly yet decorously? 
Your Pout needs you !!!

Thanking you muchly in advance,
a la perchoine.



  1. Ties are a b**** nuisance. The knot/bow sticks out wherever you tie it, the ends dangle etc etc. Have you tried a bow with big loops - no dangle, or a tie-knot type tie - less knot bulge. But I suspect this is why this top was in the sale....

    1. Thanks, Stephanie, sounds like you've experienced this dangle problem but you've come up with some good ideas to try. Hope you London trip was good.

  2. I think that's the worst thing with a lot of M&S things,there is always a dangly bit, their skirts always have thin dangly belts, I always just take them of.!!!

    1. Thanks for voicing your experiences, Polly. I should have known better as I took a pink top back earlier in the year because I hadn't a clue on how to tie it and the shop lady opened my bag and without any prompt from me grabbed hold of the dangly bit and said "what do you do with this thing?"!

  3. I'm not a fan of dangly bits. I've seen a lot of ladies in these dangles though (and always think of you. ) The most successful are either side tied and no jacket or front tied and somehow held at the waist.

    1. Aw, thanks for thinking of me. I will bear your observations in mind next time I give this top another chance, though suddenly I'm feeling like it's summer and its services may not be required now.