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Saturday 29 April 2017

Being ... Nigella

Last year I was Nora and Jane.  So far this year, I've been Anna and Une Femme.  It's about time for another Being ...

But first, a bit of back-story.  I save outfit ideas on my Kindle.  I have to admit that relatively few become reality.  I have a virtual self, an alter ego, who dresses imaginatively and each and every outfit she is inspired by becomes a reality, put together from shopping her wardrobe.  But the real me is mostly out living her day to day and never quite finds the time for her dream dressing.  Occasionally, I get really fired up and go for it.

Especially if the outfit is as simple as this.

I find a lot of inspiration on Andrea's blog and recently she posted a simple yet punchy outfit here.  She looked lovely.  Short black dress worn with denim jacket and slouchy shoes (can't remember what they're called).

No short dresses for me (you have seen my knees in shorts?)  but a black midi would work.  Which I have ... worn here

So I saved Andrea's pic on my Kindle with good intentions of doing a steal.
Just a few days later Jacqui had posted her take on the outfit here. Her variation was to substitute the dress for a black jumpsuit. So glam.  I liked her thoroughness as she even put her hair up a la Andrea and sourced a similar necklace.
Well, jumpsuits and I have a way-back history from the 80s which is not to be repeated, so I decided on how I wanted my take to look and this morning I got going.

My styling was a black jersey midi dress, pendant, GAP denim jacket and Birkies.

But why do you find me in my kitchen?  Well because as I started visualising the outfit, I was soon channeling Nigella.  Nigella about 10 years ago, the chunkier and sloppier version who clunked around in long skirts and Birkies and burkhinis.  Not the one we see today, who is gorgeous Nigella, post divorce and post her double-bunion operation diet.

And what would vintage Nigella do when you popped in unexpectedly?

Why, she'd whip up something tasty from thin air.  So my Nigella has made you a cheese and chilli tortilla (recipe below).

Then what would Nigella do after devouring her Mexican breakfast?

She'd feel that she needed some exercise. But not a lot.
 And inspired by her Birkies and led by her free spirit, she'd take you down on the beach to walk off a few calories.  But just a few.

However, first she'd have a sit-down as getting out of the car had been a tad strenuous.

Then she'd realise she hadn't given you a pudd, so she'd sniff you out an ice cream.

After lustfully devouring a huge cone with complete abandon. Nigella would walk you through the long undergrowth, filling the conversation with one or two of her best innuendos. 

As she hadn't packed her burkhini, she'd invite you to go skinny dipping.  Her version being to merely dip her bare toes in the water.

She'd take lots of breaks during the walk but not waste these moments - though stationary, her face would be animated, mouth pouting and eyes flashing you suggestive looks before looking away demurely.

Of course, she would be concerned that it was a windy day and her hair was being blown unflatteringly away from her chubby face and her dress was billowing out in an equally unflattering way.  But this canny little minx would divert your attention away from this plainer view of her with "Oh look, what a cute seagull, what were the chances of seeing one of those here?!!

"Have you checked out my recently pedicured toes?  Oh, is that a bunion forming?"
"See how good I look in far away shots".
Those sort of diversionary tactics.  Oh she's good.

"Let's do the "I'm a little teapot" song!"

"Oh what a shame these limpet shells are empty - I could have rustled you up a super limpet and samphire icecream."
"Take a look at my manicure too - Tutti Fruiti, don't y'know?!"

And then she would need another rest.  Being a lusty wench is so tiring, Being ... Nigella is tiring.  
So she would stop to look at her winter-pale legs and see her whole self as pale and interesting and definitely not think it was time to get out the self-tan.

I hope your enjoyed your date with Nigella.

Now, here's an idea.  Denim jacket outer, black inner.  Most of us have both in our wardrobes. 
This basic outfit gives you free-rein to put your own stamp on it.
Wouldn't it be fun for you to have a go at it?  Then tell me how your take on it panned out. 
And if you are a blogger, maybe post your pic.  I'm thinking that an outfit with such simple ingredients could turn out to be a sort of relay.  First leg, Andrea, then Jacqui, then The Pout is passing the baton on to ... who?  Who fancies a bit of fun?  Anna maybe?

And talking of ingredients ... I give you

Cheese and Chilli Tortilla
It's inspired by a Nigella recipe, of course

Heat olive oil in frying pan.  Place handful of grated cheese on half of a soft tortilla, then sprinkle with sliced spring onion and chilli (either fresh and finely chopped or use flakes).
Fry briefly on either side.  Eat in lascivious manner looking at camera as you lick your fingers suggestively.

I had this for breakfast this morning.  But without all the lewd stuff!

A la perchoine 


  1. I'm up for the tortilla, ice cream, long grass, your 'being a wench' challenge. I'll wear black and denim too. I anticipate a lot of fun. I can see that outfit appearing many times this spring summer. Looks like a simple can't go wrong in this outfit.

    1. Got a feeling this challenge would appeal, Anna! The idea is that you style a denim jacket with a black column, so simple yet stylish, open up the idea to your readers and hopefully pass on the baton to another blogger. It would be interesting to see how many we get in our relay team!

  2. YUMMO!!! Just now getting home after and long day out and tickled pink to see you in your darling jacket and black!! Thank you so much for the shout out! You look smashing darling!!!!! xo

    1. Thank you, sweetie. You post such yummy recipes Andrea, it seemed only fair to put one in this style steal post!

  3. Mary I'm flattered, thanks so much for the mention. x
    I think you look fabulous in your black dress and denim, love reading about 'nigella' such a fun day. x

    1. So sweet of you, Jacqui, thanks. The outfit really did get me into a Nigella place and when I put on the Birkies and started clunky around the kitchen like vintage Nigella used to, the vibe was there. I'm sure your version took you to a much glammer place!

  4. Nigella is lovely now but don't you think the vintage one was just a bit more chummy & homely!! Your first photo looks lovely you look so fresh and young,!!!

    1. Yes, I absolutely do, Polly, being re-packaged as she has doesn't make for chuminess. Maybe why I chose vintage Nigella for this little exercise! And I like the fresh and young, you are so sweet but perhaps that's the denim jacket effect.

  5. You look amazing in this dress; the denim jacket is the perfect added touch. I love your beautiful photos too!

    1. So sweet, Amy, thanks for your kindness. It was my first dress of summer, a bit earlier than usual as it was pulled out for the post. Remember when you're searching for ideas that it's a simple outfit to put together ...

  6. Mary! I've had a good laugh at this post! You are very good a writing you know.
    Looking fabulous as Nigella and the breakfast looks yummy, evn though I can't eat cheese! Thank you for linking up x

    1. So pleased you enjoyed it and so thrilled to receive your kind compliment. Glad you liked my Nigella and you'll have to take my word on the yummy cheese thing. Hope you're able to eat cheese substitutes, though there are maybe taste issues there. Anyway, big thanks Laurie.

  7. This is such a fun post. You look great but I don't think the Birkenstocks do you justice in this outfit although there is nothing wrong with Birkenstocks. I will be revisiting this combo in my own way this week.

    1. Why, thanks, Christy! You're so right, the Birkies helped me 'get in character' and are perfect for the beach and other outfits, but not for this dress. Longing to hear how your take on the outfit goes!

  8. Such a fun post! I would pop in for that yummy looking dish in a heartbeat. :) You look great in this cute and relaxed look. I just love a denim jacket and dress pairing. In fact I am wearing just that today. Thanks so much for linking up with Fabulous Friday!

    1. Welcome to my humble blog, JE, and thanks for your kindness. I'm glad you enjoyed this post, it was fun writing. I'm sure you looked gorgeous in your pairing today. If my denim jacket was more pliable I'd wear it more but it has a mind of its own.