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Sunday 9 April 2017

Hastings - The Fishermen's Wharf and Old Town

Here's a touristy post for you today.
I recently enjoyed a wonderful day mooching around Hastings (on the South Coast), visiting the Old Town and The Fishermen's Wharf, both of which were new to me.  This was my first visit, so these are my first pictorial impressions.  Some readers will know this place very well, much better than me.  I'd like to share my rookie's walk-around with you today.

But like always, let's start with the OOTD.

Togged out for a day of sightseeing. Grey jeans, grey/white Breton, cardi and scarf with my new travel bag, which is in a light stone/grey colour and has lots of zipped compartments.  Being a cross-body as well it's going a perfect travel/sightseeing bag.
 As per usual, the cardi and the scarf came off pretty quickly into the sightseeing.  It was a truly beautiful spring day.

And now I'd like to let the pics speak a thousand words, with just a few coming from me.

Always erring on the side of caution, I decreed it a double-scarf day.

Apartment blocks designed to fit in with the fishermen's buildings.

And here are some of said fishermen's buildings.  Loved their architecture, and the black creosote paint.

A miniature railway runs along the sea side of the town.

"Who's Edward?" asked The Photographer accusingly!

Fresh locally caught fish is on sale and gutted and filleted on site.  We bought Dover Sole.  Yummy!

And as soon as the fisherman's back is turned ...

... the seagulls dive in for a feast!  The freshness of the local catches pleases the local seagulls - it's their "fast pret a manger food"!

I liked that this is very much a working fishermen's wharf.  The fishing boats are laid up and are being worked on

The Jerwood gallery fronted artily by a low-flying seagull.

A funicular railway. 
This goes up to West Hill with its most remarkable town views, stretching on to Beachy Head in the west and out across the Channel.
And then we drifted into the Old Town.

Interesting arty things can be found randomly around the town.

And here's an interesting arty thing found outside an olde pumphouse.

This is not The Leaning Terrace of Hastings, just bad photography!

The houses are an interesting mix of periods, following through the town's long history

This house was prettily clad in deep green shiny tiles.

Victorian, Ye Olde and Art Deco houses patchworked together.

Lots of little lanes.

I did enjoy my day out at Hastings Old Town and Fishermen's Wharf.  I hope you did too. 
I'll be back.  V. soon.

A la perchoine.


  1. SO want to be in Sussex. 3 more weeks and we will be. Lovely photos. Niddikins

    1. Thanks, Niddykins, my visit there was so relaxing and this is a great time to enjoy the county. Have fun!

  2. Your photos do Hastings proud. I do like that part of town. I always took the fisherman's huts for granted in my youth. It's only now that I recognise their tourist worthiness.

    1. Thanks, Anna, I had a day of pleasant discovery there. Previously I'd only been at 13 and 22. We could have had a fab day there!

  3. WOW! The town looks like it came straight out of a storybook! The cliffs along the seashore are stunning! And that sea funny!

    1. So glad you enjoyed all of this, Amy. Seagulls are very cheeky birds but they are also quite beligerent - recently I heard a commotion on my conservatory roof, went outside and had to break up a fight with two of them setting on a blackbird. They can be bully boys as well as being fun to watch!