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Monday 13 February 2017

Scarfage And The Caramel Sloppy Joe

This popped up in m timeline.  Can you see me?  Can you guess where I was, this day in 2008 ?!!

Covered in scarfage and suffering from sinusitis.  Nothing much changes.  Sinusitis is still a winter visitor.  As is an abundance of scarfage, though I've never quite reached this level of coverage again.  But I keep trying ...

I started with a caramel coloured long cable jumper from M&S and black Peacock jeans.

I tried my furry leopard print with my caramel jumper. 
I don't wear this jumper too often because though warm it's not very flattering ... well see how long it is and how baggy it is around the belly!

It's a bit like the Sloppy Joe jumper worn back in the very early 60s (they weren't flattering then either!)  Remember Sloppy Joes?  You're probably far too young to remember them and I'm definitely showing my age.  So for those who aren't pushing late 60s or above: they were jumpers so revolutionary, something never seen before.  Big baggy chunky jumpers (and occasionally cardis too), when previously ladies' jumpers had been extremely fitted.  Dainty.  Fully fashioned as they were often described.
These days, fashion keeps repeating itself in a 20 year cycle.  When is someone going to introduce something new?!

I tried it with just a black bead necklace (East I think). Naah, it's February.  Looked too cold.

Would a silk scarf in a mix of blacks and browns work?

Again I tried braving it without a scarf so that my amber heads would show.  Naah, freezing!

Then out came some truly cosy warmth.  A cashmere wool scarf in a lovely brown paisley mix from The Cashmere Shop, with little furry pompoms.  I've just spotted that it was one of the scarves I was wearing back in 2008.  What a coincidence is that?!
So, scarf still intact but I spontaneously combusted in the jacket (epic story!), so that's long gone.

Snug around the neck, so cosy.

Tadaah!  Cinderella is finally happy with her scarfage!

It's that time of year when I find it very difficult, nay impossible, to leave the house without a pile of scarf around my neck.  Sometimes two - is that what they call layering?!  I find it difficult to take it off indoors too. I feel so bare, so exposed, so uncared for without one. 
Our temps are around 10c at the moment, so I haven't quite reached those dizzy heights of my Grand Canyon scarfage,  but the wind chill factor does bring down the temp down a few degrees.  And living on an island, we are not short of a strong wind!

How about you?  Is neck cover essential in your neck of the woods?  Indoors as well as outdoors?
And did you ever wear a Sloopy Joe, BITD?!

A la perchoine.


  1. Have you ever tried Sterimar nasal spray? i get terrible sinusistis and pharmacist recommended - it is totally excellent.

    1. A fellow sufferer! No I haven't, Stephanie. My doctor prescribes me a different one but I'll give yours a go when I run out. Is it taken daily all year or used reactively? Thanks for the recommendation, sounds like it's good.

  2. Good choice. The scarf around the neck keeps the eye up at the neckline and not tummy. It's a great look and total distraction from any bagginess you can see.

    1. Well I hadn't worked that out, I just knew it looked better. I'll have to remember that "distraction" trick, and I may even wear this jumper more now. Thanks for your great tip!

  3. I hope you feel better soon Mary. Sinus massage is good for it. I am leaving you a link regarding the help to link up. I hope you can manage to link up with me on Thursday!

    1. Oh no sinusitis at the moment, thanks Laurie, but thanks for the idea of the massage, I'll look it up.
      Oh goodness, wishing myself luck with the link!!!