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Friday 3 February 2017

Oh Clarks, Why Do Torment Me So?

It starts out so innocently.  Research for Clarks metallic toe flatties -  are mine still available so that I can link them to posts?
I had to scroll through every single women's shoe and boot page to ascertain that.  Oh dear what a shame.  But sadly no, the metallic flatties sadly are no longer available.

But these are


And these comfy babes

How about these cosy boots?

Here. £35



Or more dressy shoes?

Here. £55
And these I love!

Here. £27.50

Well, I was then quickly distracted from my original task and was now on a full-blown shoe hunt, so I reined myself in a bit.  I drafted up a post so that I could show you my selection and what I'd whittled down to.  And what I'd bought. 
Show you my sensible process which I apply to purchases.  Show you my rationale. 
And in this case in hand (or foot), what I really need are grey boots.  Or shoes.  Grey, any footwear provided its grey.  Yes,  that's my whittling down and that's the brief!

So I started thinking about the grey boots and the grey heels.  
Fantastic price.  Available in my size, not even " low stock".

Moving on through several weeks of research.  observation.  stalking, and finally, last night, I decided that I had stalked sufficiently to determine that I really needed  wanted my targeted footwear.
So I went to the website.  They are sold out.  Both.

And so endeth today's lesson on how to save your pensioner pennies.  Hold back on making purchases; eventually you will see the savers' revered message,  "no longer available"!

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A la perchoine.


  1. So glad you are on the hunt for grey. I've spread the word I can see.

    1. Hi Anna, I love grey, what can I say. I'm glad to find you do! I discovered a few years ago that friends used to take bets on me turning up in grey - you know who you are, Marie! G

  2. P s premature send again - meant to add that I've checked out your blog and see your grey boots are Australian. Must check them out.

  3. LOL! That's happened to me too! I'm very rarely a spontaneous buyer, and I have lost a lot of items because of it. Grey shoes are very popular right now, which is probably why they sold out. I bought a pair of grey booties this season and everyone went crazy for them. They sold out so fast after I bought them and featured them.

    1. You and I both are saving money by our cautiousness! Yes,grey boots are so popular but your experience just shows the power of the blog, eh?

  4. Oh how unfortunate! I really hate it when that happens. Yes the answer is click the button sooner! I'm just learning that. lol. Jacqui

    1. I'm a slow learner, Jacqui. I realise only now that internet sales happen at lightening speed whereas our sleepy island high street sales happen at slug speed, perfect for the habitual ditherer (me).