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Wednesday 22 February 2017

My Saturday Date

It's a half term and that means Granny's having lots of fun!

Before I start rambling, some much-needed housekeeping.  
I realise that I have been amiss in not greeting new followers so I'm remedying this today.  I'd like to welcome my new follower, Diana and say a big thank you to all you lovely people who have followed me already.  I am greatly honoured.

Now let's look back on what I did a few days ago.
On Saturday we met up with friends for an early supper.
The big drama was that I couldn't decide on what to wear.
So I left the house hurriedly without OOTD shots.

Thus, waiting at the bus stop ...

... saw me sneaking in some OOTDs.

It was one of this many days when I looked awful in everything I tried on, so I had to go for safety.  A black longline V-neck and black jeans ... yes, Anna, Peacocks jeans!  
Covers everything not nice.  It's an outfit I can forget about and just enjoy myself.  Do you have outfits like that?

At this time of year we catch the sunset during the bus ride into Town.

It's intensity builds up as the sun drops

 in the 30 seconds or so it takes us to drive along a short coast road.

The timings of the bus meant that we were in Town about 30 minutes too early for our "dates".

So we wandered around a fairly new development of offices and apartments.

It was built about 5 years ago and I've never walked around the area.  It's been my to-do list for yonks.

So I was able to address this and make good of what would have been a very idle half hour.

Here's a waterfall wall, so subtle that I'm sure you won't see it in this pic!. The water cascades down this little wall.

And here's less subtle waterfall steps.

Spring flower beds.  

This new quarter is quite low-key elegant, with black polished granite abounding, stylish lighting and random subtle features.  
I could imagine living in one of these flats.  The Photographer seemed quite receptive to the idea too.  A convenient place to retire, methinks.  One day, when I retire ...

A restaurant in the quarter had an American menu on offer.
I ask my American readers, if they can read the menu, are they serving typical US food? 

Our ship's mast feature at a nearby roundabout.  It was dusk but the sky was still beautifully bright blue.

And we moved away from the modern and the newly-built and in to our pretty old town with its more traditional buildings.

Then we headed for our restaurant.  We passed a few restaurants on the way to ours.

Olde Worlde cosy.

A quirky French restaurant window.


We passed steak and fish houses, a new tapas restaurant and finally a pub, a traditional watering hole.
All in a stretch of about 100 yds.

An even older traditional watering hole!


The Town streets are suddenly quiet at 6pm.

I used to work in one of these fine old buildings.

 And then finally, we get to our chosen restaurant.

It looks out on our floodlit 16th century castle.  
In summer, leisurely balcony dining is offered.

It was February.  We dined indoors.   Cheers

My choice.  Prawns in a coconut batter on a little stir fry.
This is an old fave of mine which has recently been reinstated.  It is yummy.  I was happy.

The Photographer's salmon.

So what do you think of our new quarter?  And our abundance of restaurants?

I hope you enjoyed your Saturday night, wherever you were and whatever you were doing.

By the way, if you haven't already followed me, I'm hoping that you will soon as I'd love to welcome you to my humble little blog.

A la perchoine.


  1. Thanks for posting your evening journey around town. It was interesting to see the contrast with the old and new together with those lovely sunsets. Liked your black and grey outfit as well. Definitely looked comfortable and the scarf gave it a lift.

    1. Hi Christy, yes the modern section is separate from the main town, which is all old architecture only and cobbled streets so our pretty town has not been compromised. Glad you liked the pics. I definitely dressed for comfort!

  2. Enjoyed seeing your town Mary. The restaurant looks lovely, as does the food. I hope you can join me and link up your style shots this week x

  3. Glad you enjoyed the tour, Laurie. Town looked very quiet at 6pm. I'm returning to the restaurant soon. I'll have to find myself some style shots to link up, it's fun!

  4. Glad you enjoyed the tour, Laurie. Town looked very quiet at 6pm. I'm returning to the restaurant soon. I'll have to find myself some style shots to link up, it's fun!

  5. Chic look even if you say comfortable. Gorgeous sunset.

    1. Thanks, Anna, so sweet. You spotted my little message about the jeans?! We always seem to luck out on sunsets when we take a bus ride. Welcome back from NYC.