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Saturday 4 February 2017

Cream Dress and Leoprint Simplicity

Sometimes all you want is simple.  Easy.
This is my go-to.

Monsoon cream knitted dress.  Opaques and Gabor knee boots.

No waistband.  No belt.  No buttons.  No zip.  No tucking-in.
A knitted dress is so easy to wear.  Just slip over the head and go.

And again the Zara leoprint scarf was just what I need for neck warmth and to lift the dress.

Comfort and cosiness in one little dress.
How easy was that?

Knitted dresses work for me if the wool and stitch are robust enough to skim the bumps.  Finer knits bring unwanted attention to my corpulent less than perfect body and cling to its every undulation.  This one fits the bill with aran-style yarn and its large squares stitch pattern.

Do you have dos and don'ts for wearing knitted dresses?
Do you have a go-to for those days when you just want easy?

A la perchoine.


  1. This dress looks fabulous on you. I totally agree about the quality of the wool being very important. IMO no one looks good in those thin knitted dresses.

  2. Aw thank you, Christy, so kind. I think we have to be realistic about what our bodies are capable of and this dress is about as knitted as mine can go!

  3. I love this on you Mary. Light colours really suit you. My one rule for wearing knitted dresses (I have a few) is to wear a full slip underneath. Hides my bumps and makes the knit hang better, and your tights don't stick to the material. Do you have a slip on? it looks fabulous x

    1. Well, good point, Laurie. Yes, I do and I should have mentioned that too. I was wearing a short silky affair from Marks. I cannot abide clingy! So thanks for your sweet compliment and your top tip.

  4. Funny, bought a lovely wool dress last weekend. Lovely elegant thing. I love your's too.


    1. Great minds, eh Heather. I hope you'll be posting yours soon!

  5. You look gorgeous in this outfit.

    1. Hi Niddykins, welcome my blog! Thanks for popping in with your sweet words. The dress is an old thing but I enjoy wearing it in winter. See you again soon!