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If not now, when?

Tuesday 6 April 2021

Leisurewear - Yes, really!

Hello my lovelies!

How are you doing?
Did you have a lovely Easter weekend?

Are you in lockdown?
Coming out?
Already out of lockdown?
Or never went in?

And how have you fared during this whole Covid thing?

There has been much illness, some have recovered and some sadly have not. 

For most oldies, it has been a time to hunker down and keep out of harm’s way. 
And with hunkering down for weeks and in some cases months, for many our daily attire has somehow found a new level. 

 First lockdown I pretty much carried on wearing what I wore normally in retirement.  The weather was beautiful, walks were abundant and then subsequently we were many months living a relatively restriction-free life on the island. 

Our second lockdown was shorter but felt so much more real. 

It lasted six weeks from end January to mid March and the weather was cold, wet and windy. 

And Covid got closer.  This time we had Covid cases in our wider family, and sadly a death. 

But this isn’t the platform to dwell on that, so let’s move respectfully on. 

Maybe it was the bleakness of the situation that got me feeling totally disinterested in relatively inconsequential stuff like clothes.  And what does one traditionally wear when that happens?  At worst, one stays PJs.  At best, one dresses up in leisure wear. 
Yes, mine was ”at best” and lockdown drew me to the comfort of sweatpants and tops.

But I didn’t have any.  Over time I’d got rid of my sports gear, for that is how I class sweatpants and tops - to be used in connection with some form of serious physical activity.  And that stopped long before I retired ... you have seen the shape of me?!

So first off I had to get myself some of this sporty comfy gear. 

I got myself a hoodie, in a classic grey.  It goes with everything and TBH I’ve slung it on for every walk pretty much since I’m purchased it.
It’s already earning its keep!

So I’d got myself hoodie’ed. 

Then I needed some sweatpants. 

A classic black will go with everything, so that is what I got.  

And these have been fighting for pole position in my wardrobe along with my jeans.

I’m not a fan of matchy matchy leisure wear, so the level I’ve quickly drifted into is to wear either sweat bottoms or tops, never the two shall meet in my outfits.  
And actually, worn this way they can look quite smart, in their own relaxed way.  
Same colour t shirt and hoodie makes a “twinset”.
Adding a nice neutral top and scarf to sweatpants creates something I could wear to the pub!

So my top tip for wearing sweatpants and tops, if that’s where you too find yourself right now, is to keep them apart and add some element of smartness to the mix, as hopefully I’ve demonstrated here!

Well my dear reader, that was a first for me.  
Posing about in leisure wear. 
But leisurewear done in a retired lady sort of way to make it presentable ...
Well maybe, as Helen Reddy would end this. 

Hugs, Mary x .


  1. Your new items look so comfortable and cozy! But they are still really cute on you! I've definitely acquired more leisurewear over this pandemic as well. Some days it's hard to find motivation to even put jeans on. So sorry to hear about your family getting sick with Covid and very, very sorry to hear about a family member passing away. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

    1. Thanks for your kindness, Laura. It’s a relief to hear that you’ve been drifting towards these comfy items too.
      Hugs x.

  2. Mary, you make those sweat pants look so chic! I just look like a slob!

    1. Haha, but thanks Jacqui, I’m finding that sprucing up the leisurewear with a tweak or two makes me feel a little better with my day.
      Hugs x.

  3. Love your way of sprucing up leisurewear to make it look less PJ and more like normal clothes, Mary.

  4. Mary, you are looking very glamorous in your leisure wear! I have sweat pants too, or think that's what they are; made out of a tracksuit type material. They're by M&S; black and very comfy and I've worn them on the blog; but like you with an ordinary top on top. I've got a hoodie (multi coloured) at the caravan but no other one. Yours looks very cosy and comfortable...

  5. A classic gray hoodie is such a great thing to have, especially now! I never liked to wear any kind of "workout" clothing either unless I was actually exercising, but that has changed a lot for me over the past year as well. I also don't like wearing matchy leisure pieces...except sometimes. Then I find it kind of nerdy and fun, like a flashback to the trends of the 1980's! Thanks for sharing your cute and cozy look at the Stylish Monday link party!


  6. These look like good leisurewear pieces! I do have a couple hoodies and some old Juicy trackpants - remember those from the 90s?! But the bulk of my loungewear is old clothes that are too worn to wear outside, haha! I don't leave the house in them, but I do work form home in them! they get worn quite often now that we are working from home instead of being in the office!

    Hope that you are having a good week! Starting to get some autumn weather here at last - nice and cool in the mornings and evenings.

    Away From The Blue