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If not now, when?

Saturday 10 April 2021


Hello my lovelies.

So lockdown has thrown us challenges eh.
One challenge is hair.  Keeping it tidy, under control. 
There is much talk on SM about we women’s challenges with hair during these times when we can’t get access to our regular hairdresser, or indeed any hairdresser at all. 
But think of the poor men, who would normally make more frequent trips to have their hair cut, typically every 6 weeks, which is so far removed from my maybe 2-3 times a year.  Yes, long hair eases the burden of frequent hairdresser trips. 

Right, that’s the background, let’s move on with how we resolved the lockdown problem for young TP. 

I bought a barber kit!
And I dived straight in and started cutting.
For it’s a case of practice makes perfect. 

I took photos of my first cut last year - as evidence in case any litigation took place after the event !

I’ve got better, honest. 

So what does the kit and the hair cutting process look like?

Firstly the kit comes with a cute cape thing that as well as being practical, looks sooo professional.  Instantly I felt like I was a hairdresser! 

An al fresco cut (if it’s possible) saves the sweep up palaver after the cut. 

Of course your victim volunteer needs to be willing to let you get some practice.

For that is really all it takes once you get your kit. 

So let’s look at the kit you need to let yourself loose on your partner’s hair. 

Here’s my little bag of magic. 

All this inside fits inside a little bag!

My kit included one of those clipper things. 
I use this for the trimming bit at the end of the cut, around the nape of the neck and the sides of the face, if necessary. 

It has some sharp scissors and a fine comb, the latter being easy to hold on standby whilst you do all the cutting stuff. 

And then you cut and cut to within an inch of your victim’s life!

I’ve made a little video for you to see more clearly how I cut TP’s “style”.   You’ll find it at the end of this post. 

Older men then need a trim of ears, nose and brows at the end of the actual hair cut.  Great care needs to be exercised when working on these areas for obvious reasons, as you get up close and very personal at this point. 

He’s looking rather relieved - he survived his first Pout cut!

Ok it might have looked a bit hacky in places but the overall look was good. 

And he liked it!

Since this first cut I’ve got much more practice as he actually preferred me cutting, so after the initial outlay buying the kit, he’s actually quidsin.  
Each hairdresser trip cost him £20 and he went every 6 weeks.  The kit cost me .  You can do the maths. 

Anyway, I leave you with the maths homework and a little bit of light entertainment. 

Please spare a few minutes to watch
TP Gets A Haircut at Salon Pout. 

Hugs, Mary x. 


  1. Hello, He looks good1 You did a great job. Welcome to the club. I use to cut Michael's hair when we were young and poor. Actually, I started doing it again about two years ago, when he came home without a haircut because our one and only in town barber shop decided to close for the day. Now that you have all the gear, is he going to let you do it again? Take care, Terri

    1. Well I’m no pleased to hear I’m in good company. Michael always looks so well turned out, and I’m he’s got you to thank. You’re a pro, I’m going to check out your work. I’ve been cutting TP’s since our first lockdown, in late spring so about a year now. He never complains!
      Hugs x.

  2. What a willing client! You were very brave to have a go and you look most professional in the video. I hope TP is tipping you 20.00 each time you cut his hair...

    1. Thank you Vronni.
      🤣 I told him straight away about your tipping suggestion ... no response 🥴😩.
      Hugs x.

  3. Well done. He looks good x
    Now, just pop over here and have a go at mine please! xxx

    1. 🤣
      Thanks Jacqui, I first cut my own hair when I was 15 (cut off my long hair and gave myself a Mary Quant!) but the only other lady’s I’ve cut is my mum’s, so I’ll spare you the ordeal!
      Hugs x.