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Tuesday 21 July 2020

Self-care Hair

Hello my lovelies!

I don’t know about you but I don’t take good care of myself on a normal day.  But give a girl four months of lockdown and I looked positively neglected by the end of it.  In fact I was close to reporting myself to the authorities for self-neglect!  So in the last few weeks I’ve been making some effort to start loving myself with some right royal pampering.

One of the things that needed attention was my hair.


I’ve been happy to let it grow during lockdown.  And I didn’t rush to the hairdresser when things were lifted over here as I quite liked the longer length.


In recent weeks  my fringe needed a tidy. So I hacked at it with kitchen scissors  
My hairdresser glossed over that. 

The look of a crazed Mary Scissorhand after being let loose with kitchen scissors!

 The morning of The Cut 

But this no-make and exasperated pic says it all.  It desperately needed a trim and a bit of chopping in on top and that hacked fringe need sorting!

So I took my hair mess to our local Toni and Guy and it got a good work over.  
I look a bit more presentable now. 

I have fine hair but lots of it.  Normally.
But in recent years I’d noticed it thinning on top and the result is of course that my hair doesn't  have the bulk it once had. 
My mum had thinning hair on top and I used to do her hair in a way so as to cover up the thinning spots and that seemed to work. I can’t do that with mine as it’s long but anyway, I guess a certain president has sabotaged the comb over for the rest of us!   
Thinning hair is hereditary in our family as my cousin had suffered from the same issue as I and Toni and Guy recommended a hair treatment to combat this.  My cousin had used it a few years and suggested I give it a go too. 

I’ll tell you all about it in my next post.  How’s that for a cliff hanger?!

Meantime, have you been hacking at your hair?
How has it turned out? 

And what kind of style are you favouring right my now?

A la perchoine,
Mary x. 


  1. Loving the new hairstyle, Mary!! It makes you look so much younger than your 59 years!x

  2. Love the new haircut! The thinning is a pain - I have alopecia areata in places which is why I keep mine short. When it grows it gets heavy and pulls the hair down...

    I'm looking forward to hearing about the recommended product. I'm guessing you'll be testing it for our benefit? Thank you!

    Take care

    1. Sorry to hear about your hair condition, Vronni, I will never more rant on about how I loved your Covid hair, because only you could see the issue longer hair creates. I've just posted on my progress with the product. Its working for me and the cousin who recommended it to me, so that's a 100% success in my homegrown testing programme!
      Hugs, x.