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Thursday 30 July 2020

What To Wear To The Pub

Hello my lovelies!

Well it’s true to say you haven’t been seeing much outfitage here lately. 
I’ve been generally going through a period of outfit apathy. 
Yes, I have still been wearing clothes, I haven’t gone naturist!
But daily dressing has been rather perfunctory of late.  I guess I’ve been occupied with other stuff. 

I thought things might change as my social life expands again post-lockdown.
I thought meeting up with The Sibs and neighbours for some live music at my local
would kick start things again. 

But it didn’t.  It was raining and we were walking to the pub so footwear had to be practical.  I chose the Ecco sandals I bought in Roskilde, Denmark some years ago.  Comfy and with a little wedge.  I need a little arch support for walking. 

Jeans, of course.   Walking, pub, precipitation chill  = Jeans.

My top just had to be black.  Felt right for the night.  
I started with a black lace cami, then tried several tops over it.  A shortish black linen ruffled blouse was a serious contender.  But something called me from the lurkings in the wardrobe and it was this oh so simple black loose tunic. 
Something to wear and forget about. 
And it was the right choice. 

I’m easy to spot, only 3 dancers!

If I’d been wearing little socks I would have danced them off!
I was Murder On The Dancefloor, in my head anyway. 
As soon as the band started strumming and thumping I was there, on the dance floor, oblivious to the fact that there was only me, a mum and her son there for a large part of the night.
I danced like no one was watching.
And had I been wearing that little ruffled blouse that dynamic would have changed.  I would have been conscious of watching people.  I would have been fidgeting with thar top all night, fearful of making the slightest move that would expose my tum or bum to what turned out to be a mostly passive crowd.   And that would not have been a good night.

After what seemed an eternity, the passives started mingling on the dance area and only then would my fiddley little linen blouse been ok for the night. 
So a plain old long hi-lo tunic was the right choice for a good night at the pub.  Yay me!

If the music is right for me, I’m like a Duracell bunny on the dance floor.
You too?
And what’s your choice of clobber for the pub?  If you’re out of lockdown, that is.
Or perhaps you don’t go to pubs, and I have to say this is relatively new to me.  It’s a post-lockdown going-back-to-basics thing.  After four months of a simpler life, it’s one of the keeping-things-local changes I’ve made.

Is it just me who at 70 enjoys a good night down at the local?  Covid permitting of course. 

A la perchoine,
Mary x.  


  1. You go, Girl. You are braver than me. I am never on the dance floor!

  2. Sounds like you had a blast and your outfit is so apt. The right band and I am a duracell bunny too! Lise

    1. A girl after my own heart, Lise, we two are the Dancing Queens!
      Hugs, x.