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Monday 13 July 2020

First Supper

Hello my lovelies!

How’s your weekend been?
It’s been glorious here and I’ve been busy in the garden, mostly watering, deheading and repotting. 
During the past couple of weeks I’ve completed a few indoor projects too, as some days have not been the best weather wise. 

Along the way, maybe as reward for my hard work at home, I was treated out for our first meal in a proper restaurant, my first I four months, so let’s relax today with a bit of food porn. 

A glass of wine tastes so different when out, don’t you think, and that experience is enhanced when looking out on a nice view eh? 
You can’t see it in this pic, but the window looks out on the sea. 

Here’s what we ate. 

A three cheese soufflé starter with delicate yet intense flavour. 

Turbot with clams served with a cream sauce, served with new potatoes. 

Crab salad first course, served with a kohl rabi coleslaw. 

Tender chicken served on an Asian salad, such fresh flavours. 

I like to recreate dishes at home from restaurant inspiration, rather like a Pinterest style steal but with food. 
We’ve since made a Dover sole cooked in a similar cream sauce but without the clams, I don’t think they were necessary. I wouldn’t ordinarily make a cream sauce with fish as I think it stands up perfectly on its own, but this was a nice variation and one that I
I’d choose/make again. 
I’d like to recreate the chicken with Asian salad too but will have to work on getting those delicate yet pokey flavors just right and that could take a few go’s. 

We always taste each others food to max out on the eating experience.  Do you when eating out?

And throughout the meal we were able to enjoy a fine display of kite surfing right outside our window.  Here our surfer is just a flash of red sail next to a potted plant. 

And here’s what I chose to wear for this pretty special
First Supper, 

a simple and comfortable linen maxi, featured IN THIS POST HERE.

So, is there anything here you’d like to try making at home?
And dare I ask, have you been out-out yet?

A la perchoine,
Mary x.


  1. Looking lovely, Mary. The food sounds heavenly. I've never had a souffle; I've always wanted to taste one.

    Take care

    1. If ever we meet up Vronni, I'll make sure you get that souffle!!
      Hugs, x.