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Saturday 16 May 2020

Transitioning Seasons in Pink Crops and Denim

Good day to you, my lovelies!

More style stealing from The Pout today. 
I saw this Pinterest inspo as something to wear post-lockdown so I tweaked it a little to create an outfit for home right now. 
Is this an outfit you’d wear right now? I think it’s casual enough for home lounging with cami and the flatties.
And switching up to wedges and striped bag would be a quick tweak to take it outside in that big wide world I’m rapidly losing touch with whilst cocooning in my little household bubble. 

Wedges and a bag are additions for when we get back to normal. 

Pink shorts are definitely left for someone with the legs for them. 

Old pink crops are my switch to make this retirement style. 

A cami and flatties make this an around-home outfit for lockdown lounging. 

And come lockdown exit, I’ll totter around on heels once more!!

Have you worn any form of heels during lockdown?
It feels weird putting them on right now, like I’m dressing up in mummy’s stuff and pretending to be a grown up!

A la perchoine,
Mary x. 


  1. Great casual look. I have a cropped denim jacket so I may steal your steal.
    I haven't worn heels for so long now I would probably fall over if I tried them again!
    I never wear shorts 😱 my legs!!! When I went walking with my friends pre-lockdown, I was always the only one in long trousers 😁

    1. I have to say I feel a bit Dick Emery wearing heels these days, not natural! So with you on the shorts and I hope you do this steal on your blog.
      Hugs, x.