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Tuesday 19 May 2020

Hippy Vibe

Hello my lovelies!

As my hair grows longer in lockdown, I seem to be drifting towards a hippy vibe.
My natural instinct on some days draws me to boho casual, like a peasant blouse and jeans. .

This seems a perfect outfit for at home “socializing”.  
A pretty print top is what gets seen on screen when Zooming. 
It doesn’t matter what’s on the bottom half, if anything at all!
But as I was lounging about in the garden between calls on this day, I chose jeans -  sparing the neighbours the trauma of seeing me in pretty top and nothing else!

A la perchoine,
Mary x. 

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  1. You could braid ribbons and beads through your tresses to get the full boho look!

  2. Like you I am fond of a good boho style patchwork top with jeans especially in these strange times. I found a nice 'Monsoon' one in a charity shop and enjoy wearing it even though I have had to make a little repair to it where it was fraying. I have my eyes on another one from'East'currently in their sale.

    1. You're talking about two of the three brands I've been a big fan of these past 20 yrs. What a lucky charity find, good luck with your sake stalking!
      Hugs,x .