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Friday 15 May 2020

Summerhouse Styling

Hello my lovelies!
Lockdown life moves on a pace on the island.  We've had no new cases in a fortnight and just a handful are in recovery.
We were lucky enough to close our borders right at the beginning of lockdown and any essential workers arriving have had to quarantine for 14 days.  That was a solid plan and islanders seem grateful.
How are things where you are?

I've seen a marked upturn in my social life during these months with at least one long video  call most days.   It can be exhausting!!
Today is the one day this week I have no planned video calls though, so I'm hoping to make it a constructive day outside.
So best get on with it and leave you with a quickie post today.

Summerhouse Styling - The Surplus Mattress.

Wondering how to store a surplus mattress?
Bung it behind the sofa and chuck a quilt on it.  Easy!
But I'm think it works, the mattress just seems to disappear eh?

Do you have any tips on storing bulky items like a mattress?
A la perchoine,
Mary x

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  1. Ooh, the amazing disappearing mattress!

  2. I would never have known the mattress was there if you hadn't mentioned it so, NO, I don't have any tops on storing bulky items like a mattress but if you are asking for TIPS then I will have a think about it....:o)

    1. This mattress was a headache until I had my eureka moment. And oops, thanks for pointing out yet ANOTHER typo!
      Hugs, x.