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Tuesday 25 December 2018

The Santa Baby Steal

Merry Christmas Everyone!
I wish you joy and calm, unity and hope; heaven knows we need it right now.
And I have a Christmas present 🎁 for you.
Because you're worth it.

It's a bit of frivolity and fun and it's my best EVER style steal.
I meant to pop it under your tree last night but I fell asleep after my Ovaltine (yup it's rock n roll all the way in the Pout house!).
So better late than never, I give you my step-by-step guide to
creating the perfect Santa Baby outfit.  Here's how you do it.

Take one plain red jersey dress.

Add tinsel.  Decide tinsel is not enough.

Start with the plain red jersey dress again.

Add Santa hat and old white faux fur stole found in cupboard a few days ago when searching out something to cover the base of the Christmas tree.

Decide the Hollywood Glam look is fine but something is missing.

Search house for real Santa πŸŽ… inspo.  Find two Santas.
Realise waist-cincher belt is the missing piece in this outfit.

Et voila!  The Santa πŸŽ… Steal.
My SantaπŸŽ… Baby outfit!

And here's Kylie's.

Merry Christmas everyone,
Glaedelig Jul, Joyeux Noel, Feliz Navidad!

A la perchoine,


  1. Wowza's Mary! you look amazing in this dress! that diet is certainly starting to pay off. I don't think it needs anything added to it. Just as it is. Perfect. I hope you're Christmas has been lovely xx

    1. Thanks so much Laurie and Happy Boxing Day to you! You're right, of course, keeping that dress plain is the way to go but I couldn't resist throwing some Santa at it! Hope you've had the nicest possible Christmas Day, perhaps a bit tearful but I'm sure Dee and the family made it special. Hugs my love, x.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Nancy, dank u vel. Hope you're enjoying the season's festivities, hugs, x.

  3. Amazaballs Mary! Santa never looked so smokin hot! You are sizzlin'!

    1. Oh my, I need to get myself a bottle of Kellyann Egoshine for those days when I'm feeling drab and tired. Smokin' hot, love it, I feel on top of the world 🌎 !! Keep it comin', sista, x.

  4. Haha love it! You look super in that fabulous dress. Wishing you and your family a merry Christmas x

    1. Thanks, Jill, it's nice to feel like a playful young girl now and again, eh!
      Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year, x.