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Sunday 23 December 2018

Most Commented Post of The Year

It's that time of the year when we bloggers reflect and analyse and identify our nominees and winners, and those that panned.
Sort of like the bloggers' self-award season.

Today I've searched out the post which engaged you most, which I share with you below.  I am so grateful for all your comments and thank you taking the time in your busy  schedules to drop me a line or two throughout the year.  It's wonderful to engage with real people, to form ether friendships, for me it's the best reward from blogging.  And it's good to know that you're out there and I'm not just chucking my posts into a dark ether void!

On to the subject matter of this popular post, the dress.  I was disappointed when I first tried on this dress, but thanks to your solid support for it and TP's persuasion, I kept it and I have to thank you for you were all right and now I love it!

Firstly, here's the dress when it became a keeper.

It's a beach dress in Madeleine's eyes, so I styled it with glitzy sandals.

(Aaah summer, how I miss you ...)

I found a complimentary cardi for it and that made a big difference too.

This beach dress isn't just for summer either as I've worn it in the transition months too.

For example, I wore it a few weeks ago with berry boots and bare legs.  Yup, light years out of my comfort zone!!

So without further ado, here's the winning post in the Most Commented section.

 When Reality Ruins Expectation's Day
1 May 2018

Oh my friends, this has just GOT to be my blog equivalent of a Disaster Movie.  My Titanic.  Or that volcano movie, can't remember what it's called ... Volcano! maybe?
Whatever.  It's all gone wrong in the space of an hour or two.  About the same length of time as a movie ... spooky that, huh?  Coincidence or am I really living in a First World Disaster Reality right now?

Or, to put it in a less melodramatic way, I'm not having a good day.

I had been waiting for a warm, sunny day with little wind in order to show you the Madeleine beach dress out in the open air.  On a beach, perhaps. 
Yes, you heard right, Madeleine calls this type of dress a beach dress.  I call it a "posh going out for a summer supper" dress
 I waited and waited and the day of optimum outdoor bloggy conditions just hasn't arrived and according to the forecast, it won't be arriving for a few days.  So I got fidgety.

Fidgety because in my mind I had great plans for this dress and wanted to see what this baby could do in IRL.  I'd listed a whole string of ways I could wear this little bluey lavender piece of soft jersey.

Au naturel, with a tan - that certainly hasn't happened.
Grey shoes and cardi
Taupe cardi and shoes
With a tied striped shirt and espadrilles - and I don't even have any!
Black wedges, cardi and elastic belt
Black wedges and biker jacket
I think you're getting the picture.  I could see lots of ways to style this simple cutie.  And styling it needs this time of year when pasty skin and goosebumps just don't do it justice.
So I needed some styling (covering up) and had high hopes.

But when I put it on, it felt instantly, well, meh.

So grumpy old me starts blurting out the negative stuff ...

That's it, I don't like it.  It just doesn't work for me.  It's going back. 

Hey, it looks OK.  Try it at least with one cardi.  That one at the top of the pile.
(That's The Photographer chivvying me along.)

My response?  Still meh.
So that's as far as I went with my "styling" of this little beach dress.
"I'll just have to see what I can do with this bunch of pics" I huffed and puffed.

Sadly my bad day didn't stop there.  The only half decent editing software I can easily use started playing silly-buzzards.  I spent about an hour getting out these few low-res pics.

I tried another edit method.  It doesn't crop well, so I don't usually use it.  I played around with the colour enhancer to try distract the eye from the bad editing.

I lost my legs during this episode.

I became quite grumpy.  (You are guessing right, that is an understatement).

It's a shame as I was giving you spoilers about the dress.  

And I was personally triumphing over it, as I had only by chance discovered the Madeleine is shipping to the Channel Islands again.  So this beach dress was me dipping my toe back in Madeleine/s stylish water again.

So I turn to you, my fashionista readers, can you help me?
Can you see how this dress could be styled, other than au naturel and with a long-awaited tan?
If I am to wear this before said tan appears, I need to wear it with a cardi or a jacket or ... what?  Can you tell me?
  Can you be the one in the disaster movie who comes up with a mind-blowing solution that plugs the whole in the ship? 
The hero who finds a way to divert the lava away from the hospital? 
The one who I saves mankind, the planet, and hey, whilst we're on a roll, the universe? 

If that all sounds like too big an ask, well I'd be happy if you just came up with some styling solutions which gets me to keep the dress and puts a smile back on my face.  Oh and if you can recommend a free or cheap photo editing package, then that would be good too.

Thank you.

Well you gave me your thoughts and ideas and I am so thankful that you did because the dress is pretty darn perfect.

So on reflection, my friends, I say -
listen to feedback, for others sometimes see potential that you just can't see right now.

A la perchoine.


  1. So glad you kept it its lovely and so versatile!

    1. Thanks, Lesley, it certainly is lovely. Happy Boxing Day, x.

  2. What a fun idea to look back and see the post that got the most comments! Who'd have thought this beauty of a dress would be it? I am so glad you kept it because it is so pretty on you and I am thrilled to see you wearing it with the boots for cooler weather.
    It is so nice to get comments and I am blessed to have a friend on the other side of the pond! Hugs to you and sweet TP!!!

    1. Yes, the analysis brings up some surprises. I'm really was surprised it worked so well with the boots. I'm blessed to have YOU, my sizzlin' Floridian friend ... and so is TP!
      Happy Boxing Day, sista, hope yesterday was the best, x.

  3. It's valuable to look back at our year. Sometimes we're surprised by what we see. Like you, I've often had my view changed reactions from my blog-readers. (My fashion-style improved markedly from comments by women with greater skill.) This is a pretty dress and obviously versatile. Happy holiday.

    1. Hi Shybiker (lovely name!). Agreed, we learn so much from readers' feedback, we're all just feeling our way and grateful for guidance eh. Hugs and hope you had a nice Christmas Day, x.

  4. I must see what my most popular post was; I don't really bother with all the stats....

    I love the dress - such a beautiful colour on you and I'm glad you kept it!

    Season's Greetings!

    1. Hi Vronni, thanks so much. And that's where you and I differ. Stats. I love the analysis part of blogging!
      Hope you had a lovely Christmas Day, wishing you and OH a happy Boxing Day, x

  5. Thanks, Nancy, hope you had a great day. Happy Boxing Day, I think my Dutch friend tells me this is the day the Dutch hit the shops? x.