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Thursday 27 December 2018

Most Viewed Post

Continuing my Blogscars award ceremony, I share with you today the post which got the most hits.  
Yes, it was a bit of a surprise to me too!
A post about cream, black and white hardly sounds like a box office hit, although it is one of my fave colour combos.  Maybe it was the engaging screenwriting? 
But it is what it is and I'm not going to fudge the figures in order to re-post something  more exciting.
The post What I've been wearing lately HERE, was a close second.
Just in case you might be interested.

Hobbling into Spring in Cream and Black

Hi my loves.  How are you? I hope you are enjoying your day.
It probably comes as absolutely no surprise that our little heatwave has now moved on to beaches new.  We have now returned to spring's low-teens temps with mostly sunny days and the occasional grey day.  Yes, we Brits do obsess about the weather - you may have noticed?

I was out last night, meeting up with Sis and girlie cousins.  Yup, what to wear?

No hair-tugging deliberations - I wore this.
It's simples really.  
1. I happen to love cream and black.  
2. I have a new lacy camisole from Next which is totally rocking my world.  
3. I have Next bikers which needed an airing.
And 4. As The Photographer is now happy to offer the odd photo shoot and fashion views service, it was an opportunity to try out variations on a cream and black theme.

Zara "gold" asymmetric top, with Next bikers and Gabor Polyanna boots*.
A black, cream and white plaited belt from Peacocks.  I added it really to rile TP, for anything I wore after my sack-tied-in-the-middle look was just bound to get his approval!

Me: What do you think, TP?

TP: Fine, but without the belt [as it looks like a sack-tied-in-the-middle].  (I know him so well!).

Me: Is this better?

Me:  Without the belt?

TP: Yes, that's more like it.  Wear that. 

Me: Oh but I just must try this lacy/biker column with my fave slouchy Windsmoor cardi.

TP: Why?

Me: Come on, you've got to love this?!

TP: No.

Me: Well, how about a slouchy jumper?

Me: Is this any better?

TP: No.

Me: Why "no"?  
TP: There's something "not right" about it.  Try the first one again.

TP: Yes, that's the one.  Now let's get out of here.

Me: OK, but let's finish this off with the obligatory leoprint draping.
TP: We're now going to be late! [huff, puff, ggrrrrr!]

And there you have it, the screenwriter's version of how I choose  TP chooses my outfit.
I like TP to engage with my outfits.  But only occasionally.
I seem to remember from previous posts that a lot of you don't.  You prefer not to give your other half a say in the outfit process.  Am I right?  Or am I wrong?

*I've reverted to socks and boots for a few days.  I did the usual thing during our surprise heatwave last weekend and wore shoes and sandals with bare feet and walked those little feet off in the baking sun.  Yup, I'm now dealing with countless foot problems - why oh why do I NEVER learn?

Do you have a tried-and-tested programme to introduce your feet to the change of temperature and footwear?  Or are you like me?  Do you throw yourself excitedly into summer's sandals without a thought of the suffering  that you know invariably follows?

A la perchoine.

Coming up

I review THIS book and film:

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.jpgThe Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Poster

I try out this dress:

Footnote, 27.12.18.

Interestingly, (to probably only me!), this trailer dress above was the subject matter of The Most Commented Post award.


A Boxing Day swim!


  1. You have almost convinced me to go back and take a look at my blog stats to see what my most viewed post was. I'm sure it would be a surprise to me to! I think TP has a very discerning eye and you should trust his instincts. He is right the first sweater minus the belt is the best look - you have that sexy, come hither look my sizzlin sista!

    1. Thank you for taking some time out from your busy Christmas to pop in here, lovely lady.
      Am I the only one who gets excited about stats?!!
      I've had a busy day cooking for my family Christmas party tomorrow. Pretty tired out but yet again a little of Kellyann's elixir has sprinkled on my day and I've perked up with all that sexy come hither stuff!!! You are tonic for the soul, special lady. Thank you for another great year of friendship, happy new year and love to you all, x

  2. Seem to have missed this post! Oh my goodness, my OH is exactly the same about belts inculding the same comment! That's why you will rarely see me in a belt; in fact I don't think I've ever posted an outfit pic with me wearing a belt. That's about the sum total of OH's involvement. I do occasionally ask his opininion on an outfit though.

    I liked your black and cream outfit very much and it's so interesting how adding pattern, in this case the leoprint scarf, made it sing!

    Happy New Year, Mary!

    1. Oh so funny, Vronni, that our other halves have the same view on belts!! Come to think of it, I don't think I have seen you in one.
      Thanks for popping in here and commenting during the year, and for putting lots of good posts for us to read on your blog.
      Happy New Year hugs to you and OH, xx.

  3. On you, my favourite outfits are always the ones with the vertical parallel lines of a long, open cardigan. So flattering.

    1. Hi Lizette, thank you so much, that column dressing with a third piece is guaranteed to make a girl feel good, eh?! Big happy hugs for 2019, x.