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Thursday 25 October 2018

Retirement Dressing AW18 - The Casual Shirt

Today I'm looking at casual shirts in retirement.  I'm not going to lie, I haven't been throwing myself into shirts too much in retirement, or even prior.  Back in the mid nineties I stopped wearing shirts in the office because, well, they invariably needed ironing and hey, life's too short; instead I turned to the lovely tops with elastane which needed none of that palaver.

So I find myself looking at an AW18 wardrobe which is pretty devoid of shirts generally.  And in my retirement, if any shirt is going to come to the fore, it had better be of the super-casual ilk, for I don't feel good in a crisp white or striped shirt.  Plus those need ironing 😰.

 Casual shirts in denim or flannel have been calling my name lately.  These casual-end shirts are proving a great solution for easy wear and layering as the temperatures drop just a degree or two (have I told you about our Indian Summer?!!) and make for a pretty good fit with life in retirement.  They provide a lighter, softer and versatile alternative to a cardi or jacket.  Plus these need mostly no ironing 😊.

And, just to throw some crazy stuff into the mix, I've found myself recently adding a couple of plaids to my repertoire, and I never thought I'd be doing that!

A loose covering layer AND zero ironing - just what is there not to like about the casual shirt!!

But without further waffle, I give you how I've been wearing my casual shirts lately, some looks worn previously and some inspo courtesy of Pinterest.



New plaid #1.  Primark.

New plaid #2, au naturel.  Primark.

Try it layered with a denim shirt.

Or over a white tee.

Ok, these are all tried and tested ways with a plaid but I'm a late arrival at the flannel shirt party!

Previously on the blog

M&S (bought ca. 2013)

Yup, BITD I was a one plaid gal (bought for a barn dance) so just the one "previously" here.




H&M denim (bought 2000), au naturel.

And with a cardi layerlayer, should it cool any time soon!!

Previously on the blog

Levi denim (bought 1997).

From 1974, definitely pre-blog, and pre- pretty much everything !
But I just wanted a visual showing how denim shirts have been around a long time.


I fancy trying this look before my last whities standing go into winter storage.  

Is your shirt style changing, maybe from smart to casual?
Do you even like denim and plaid shirts?!
I'd love to hear from you in the comments box below.

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Thank you, my sweets 😀 💕 !!!

A la perchoine, 


  1. Girl, plaid is your THING! All the looks are great. And can you please ship Plaid #2 to my house? But hurry, I need it for this weekend. ;-)

    1. Thank you, Susan, and so funny about shipping over #2! Shipping over a plaid shirt to the states (where blogger's are going CRAZY for them!) would be a bit like us sending coal to Newcastle (as we say here), or shipping sand to the Sahara!
      Hope your weekend goes well and you find your plaid in time for the fun! Hugs, x.

  2. All these look so good and show how versatile a shirt can be. I don't have many but find them very useful.

    1. Thank you, and I think that's the thing, Christy - a little casual shirtage seems to go a long way, so what a great investment piece! Hugs and have a great weekend, x.

  3. would you believe, cos I wouldn't have 2 years ago, that on a day at home, today, I am wearing a collared shirt with jeggings and a cardi. I used to keep collars for the office but not now, and I'm not retired. My today shirt has bikini clad ladies on and sun umbrellas. I love your looks, above, of course. So much my thing. Hugs twin x

    1. Putting it that way, our attitude to casual dressing is totally topsy-topsy. But wow, your shirt sounds fun! Thanks, it's no surprise you like these looks eh twin?
      Wishing you much colour and collar this weekend, x.

  4. Girlfriend you are rockin all these looks with shirts! I'm with you on the ironing - who needs it! But you seriously look like a young, hot mama in these styles - especially when you layer your top over a tee - fantastic. And that cardi? Looks somewhat cocoon-ish to me - have we found the perfect piece?
    The picture from 1974 - I can tell it's you - beautiful then and now!

    1. Oh please keep popping back to this blog with your young hot mama compliments, Kellyann! And Yaaaay, I found myself a couple of cocoons. Finally! They're not quite as long as their stateside sistas, and come in a comparative paucity of colours, but they're cocoon cosiness and they're rockin' my world! I did tag you on Insta when I first wore one, but I've re-tagged you today as my cocoon announcement must behave slipped under your radar, no surprise really as your mind must be in a million other places rright now. Hugs my love, rest well this weekend, x.

  5. Oh, I agree about denim shirts-I especially wore a lot of them in the early 90's. I do have one that is overly large that I usually used as an over shirt-you have inspired me to find where I've stuck it.

    Interestingly, I love ironing! I guess it comes with the whole sewing thing.


    1. Terri, I'm thrilled I've inspired you to hunt down your denim shirt, hope you strike lucky. Oh, you love ironing, now there's a thing: if I'd kept up my dressmaking my appearance might be a little less creased these days 😉! Hugs, wishing you a happy weekend, x.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks, Missy! I was only going to buy one new plaid but my sister persuaded me to buy #2, telling me those were my colours, and what a hit it's been - Susan wanted me to ship it over to the States. And I love it too and they ARE my colours! Sis knows best eh?! Hugs, have a super weekend, x.