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Thursday 18 October 2018

Pumpkins, Pompoms and Fringing

Hello my little pumpkins!

My little pumpkins?  What's that all about?  Well it's about me being both seasonal and loving today.

Isn't it funny how a humble vegetable can be a term of endearment?  And the vegetable-love  is specific to the language.  I stumbled instinctively on pumpkin as a loving reference decades ago, but I've heard it used since so it must be common in the English-speaking world.  Is it used where you are?  
So "my little pumpkin" in English, "ma p'tit chou" in French.  Squashes, cabbage - which vegetable is a term of endearment where you live or in your language?

Oh how I digress.  Already!  And I'd meant today's post to max out on brevity because I'm working on a post on shirts and blouses and I'm still not finished with the photo shooting, so as it's still work in progress I wanted to, err, quickly share a new purchase you.  But quick and brief don't happen when I get chin-wagging with you guys eh?!

So, let's talk - briefly - about this purchase I'm super-excited about.

I'm super-excited about pompoms!!!

My purchase is a super-soft pink scarf/shawl.  With pompoms!
The pompoms are furry and in several complimentary pastel shades.

I love it!  The high wool content in the fabric and the heavy fringing give it just the right amount of weight to allow it to hang well and not sail away at the slightest whiff of a  breeze.
And I know this to be so as I test-drove it on a walk this week and it stayed in place, providing just the right degree of pink warmth over shoulders and back.  Yup, I love it.  

I hadn't really bought it as a shawl, I saw it as a scarf ... until I unpacked it and saw it's ability to perform both neck-snuggling and back-warming duties perfunctorily and prettily.

If you want a shawl to stay in place, go for wool and a bit of weight in the fringing.

Where did I get it?
In a treasure trove of a shop called Onomatopeaia in Lyndhurst.  I visited this pretty little town in Hampshire during my meet-up on the mainland with some Girlie Cousins.  We stumbled upon the shop, lured in by some cute trapper boots in the window.  But this shop was so much more than a source of footwear for would-be lumberjacks.  It sells beautiful and pretty unique footwear, handbags, apparel and accessories.  And oh!, the selection of scarves!!  I wasn't the only one to walk out of there with a gorgeous scarf!
If you're in Lyndhurst, Hampshire then do pop in there for a mooch, #onomatopoeia.
(Sorry, the label doesn't have the manufacturer's name, so you're just going to have to pop over to Lyndhurst to get one!

And hey!  I found the perfect accessory for my pink and blue jean outfit.  My pumpkin cushion!  Blue pumpkin, pink background.  Endearment in a cushion!

And before I finally disappear from your screens for today ...

I wore these jeans, frayed hems, Peacocks sale, just £7.
So versatile.

Tuck up your fringed hem for maximum jean versatility.

Same jeans, two styles.

Frayed with sandals.  Fraying tucked up with boots.

I planned to either shorten the leg or get rid of the fringing all together after I bought them.  But I've ended up quite liking the fringing, just not every day.  So, in summer I've been wearing them frayed or tucked up and under a few inches for an ankle-grazer look.  And now in winter, tucked up just an inch to skim over boots.  The tuck stays in place as the fabric is thick.  #nosewingrequired!

Now that was £7 well spent!

So, my cute little pumpkins,  I leave you with a pic of my view yesterday morning ... a crisp autumnal day.

Pumpkins, pompoms and fringing - what's not to love?

And that was my "quick" post!

A la perchoine,


  1. That is a gorgeous wrap on you and such a great find.

    1. Aww thanks, Christy. Sometimes the things that you stumble upon are just meant to be. Wishing you serendipitous happiness this weekend! Hugs, x.

  2. That is such a fun shawl! Love the pom poms especially as it keeps the shawl in place - genius! xx Maria

    1. Thanks, Maria,I like a design that actually achieves something!
      Hugs, have a fab weekend, x.

  3. Well aren't you getting trendy! You know I'm a fan of pom poms and fringe hems myself. That wrap is so cute, and so are your jeans.

    1. Aw thanks, Amy, it was such a lucky find. You do pompoms and fringing so well, I'm a rookie!
      Hugs, xx.

  4. I go between calling my 19 yr. old a "munchkin" and a "pumpkin", so it's good in my book. Your shawl looks both chic and warm, nice find.

    1. Oh thanks I'm so pleased we found that shop. And lovely, Kim, so pleased to hear you use pumpkin too! Munchkin is so cute too. Hugs, x.

  5. Love, love, love the pom pom shawl/scarf! What a beauty...

    1. Oh isn't it, Vronni? The shop had it in grey too, so tempted!!! I've been back a week and already worn it twice, would've been more if it hadn't be for our Indian Summer!!! Hugs, my dear, bet you're having some lovely walks, x.

  6. Oh I love these shawls Mary. The pom poms remind me of something!! Looking great BTW Hope you don't mind my asking, but have you lost a few pounds? I am gaining - so what is your secret, PLEASE?
    It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your girlie cousins in Hampshire!! Shopping, spending precious time with family and, hopefully, a traditional afternoon tea or two!??

    1. Well,Missy, I'm going to sound like a broken record now but Sis encouraged me to buy this scarf too and yup, I'm so pleased did! I really must ask if she wants some personal shopper work ... And yes, the mini holiday was wonderful.
      Now, the weight. How spooky you mention it, I'll be touching on weight loss this weekend, so please pop by again soon. Hugs my sweet, x.