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Tuesday 12 June 2018

Coral Steal

Hey there, maties.  How are you today?
I'm hoping you're all having a good week.  Gosh, June is just flying by, it's so scary.
It's so cruel that the older you get the more every single moment of time becomes precious, yet it's precisely then that time speeds up really, really fast.  I long to feel again the seemingly endless long summer days of my school holidays.  But as that's not going to happen, let's throw some gusto into each and every speeding day eh!

So, where have I thrown my gusto today? Bloomin' stealing!
Just last week I stumbled upon an old coral jersey dress.  I shoved it in a holding pattern drawer and forgot about it.  For just two days.   Because along came not one but two coral inspo posts and what's a girl gonna do?  STEAL, of course!!

Taadaah!  Here's my coral jersey steal

Bought from the M&S £5 rack, in prehistoric times.

It has a dropped waist, which is fortunate as mine has dropped too!  There is a ruched ribbed band around the tum.
Because of that it's maybe not most flattering of dresses but I just couldn't resist the steal!

I styled it simply with light tan wedged sandals.

A simple dress benefits from the lift a hat brings to an outfit.
(psst: A hat also provides distraction for the holder's eye to allow the wearer of a slinky jersey dress to breathe.  Occasionally.)

Do you have a favourite summer hat style?
I wear both in the garden and on the beach throughout the summer months.

As an alternative styling suggestion, a blouse worn as a lightweight jacket.
Flowers in this light floral blouse match perfectly with the coral of the dress  (another psst: and a blouse provides further opportunities to breathe whilst wearing this takes-no-prisoners dress!).

A shell necklace links the hat and sandals.

Et voila!  A simple dress, styled simply, for simple summer days.

 As I said earlier, inspiration to wear this dress was waiting round the ether corner.  And not one inspiration, but two.  Just like Poldarks and yellow cardis, it seems coral dress inspos are like buses too!

Coral jersey dress inspos

Stunning Andrea restricted her simple summer styling to a pendant and tan espadrilles.

Gorgeous Kelly dropped the jewellery and added a clever knot,  a hat and summer's must-have straw bag. 

My look was a fusion of the two. Thank you, lovely ladies!

A la perchoine.


  1. I love your dress, I love this color and the design so simple. You look beautiful with hats ...

    1. Aw graciasito, J-M. Sometimes a simple line is all a dress needs in summer, eh? Abrazos, x.

  2. Effortlessly chic! Love the color of this dress and it pairs perfectly with your sun hat!

    Maureen |

  3. Coral is a great color on you! What a fabulous deal on that cute dress!

  4. Coral dress looks very nice. I bet you are pleased you can still get in it.

  5. Oh how I love the hat and dress on you - you look amazing in the fedora and coral is your color!!! Looking marvelous my friend, keep wearing slinky, colorful dresses!

  6. You do look lovely and so summery! I wish M&S still did a £5.00 sale rail; I've never seen one. I love your shell necklace.

    I bought a 'new to me' dropped waist dress today with a collar.


  7. Is there a colour that doesn't suit you, I wonder? The dress is lovely; what a steal!! Hats do suit you too and in this case the floppy hat is my favourite. To me, the other one is slightly too 'masculine'for the dress...but that is merely my humble opinion.

  8. Oh you precious....CORAL CUTIE is what you are! Mary, this IS your color! Love the deal, love the hat, love your sass and all of that. Rhyme much, just felt like a lil diddy to’re PURRRRRDY!!

  9. First of all, what you wrote in your first paragraph was so, so beautiful...and true. But I think it's summer that always flies by because we all love it so much. Winter seems to never end...haha! Second, WOW! this dress is gorgeous and you look amazing in it!

  10. it's so true that time gets more precious as we get older. Love this coral dress on you - that's one of my favourite colours! xx Maria

  11. I was talking yesterday with my retired teachers at my table about how much faster time goes after you retire.I don't know why that is, but everyone agreed.

    Coral is such a perfect choice for summer-glad you kept it around. I especially like with contrasted against your print blouse.

    I will have to say, a Fedora is my fav hat year round. I have straw and wool and love them! Terri xox

  12. The word 'coral' alone is such a wonderful summmery word, making me think of dappled coloured gardens of joy beneath the sea! Lovely dress Mary...and you wear a hat very well!

  13. So pretty Mary. A superb steal that suits you so well. You always manage to wear colours that suit you. I laughed at your comment about your waist.

  14. What a bargain find! And a great colour on you lovely lady! xx

  15. PS, I included this post as one of my favorites over at The Blended Blog today!

  16. Coral is such a beautiful color and one of my favorites. I have to say, you wear it well Ms. Mary. I loved how you layered the floral over it too. Great idea my friend! Hope you are having a wonderful week. XO

  17. Jersey means comfort and is perfect for summer! I like the bright colour of your dress. Very nice in combination with the floral top