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Thursday 21 June 2018

Upgrading Summer's Jumper and Jeans Look

Hi all you sweetnesses out there, Happy Midsummer!
How do you plan to spend the summer solstice?
Glastonbury?  It your back garden?

I hope June is treating you well.  Here, well it's been a rollercoaster but not with TP this time.  
There are some rare illnesses that strike like a thunderbolt and without the filter of health or age.
Resilience, fight, cheerfulness and positivity play an incredible part in the recovery process and I thank our precious loved one so very much for having all of those qualities in wheelbarrow loads.

So, recovery is going remarkably well and it's onwards and upwards, peeps.  

And as I return to haunt your screens again, I'll release any posts I'd had queued up prior to the thunderbolt.  Like today's. 

We're midway through June and this day was a little blip in June's otherwise smooth pattern of hot, hot, hot.  On this day the sun was there alright, yet the air had been quite chilly during my early morning round of golf and the temperature stuck pretty much on chilly through the day and into evening. Or so I thought.

Thus, instead of the dress planned for my night at the local, I wore a jumper.

Not any old jumper.  My pearly Zara jumper.
This clever little nacre embellishment takes this simple jumper and jeans look to a slightly elevated level, IMHO.
And upgrade footwear to sassy heels and instantly your embellished jumper and jeans pairing is tweaked into just the right mood for an evening pub meal.

I felt comfortable in this outfit and it felt appropriate for the event, location and weather, and that's an essential formula to create confidence.
And as they say, "there's nowt as sexy as confidence", so heavens knows, I may have even felt that!  And at 68 that's no mean achievement!

I grabbed a Gap denim jacket, just in case.  For that is what I do.  Prepare myself for all eventualities, all weathers.

I think I've created Summer Cool,  Fonz-style!

So I took my Summer Cool to the pub ... and we had a window seat.

And the sun glared in through the glass.  Clearly not the weather for a woolly jumper, be it sprinkled with pearls or not.  Let's just say that I felt a tad overheated, and leave it at that.  And move quickly on to the food shots.

I passed on the starter, which I thought was quite an elegant thing to do, the kind of thing chic Parisienne ladies would do.  But I had to have a cheeky poke at TP's delicious cheese soufflĂ©.

Oh, look at me, being all goody-2-shoes-sanctimonious with my prawn and avocado salad ... after I'd been a-stealin' off TP's plate!

One goes to the Rockie for a glorious sunset.

And that is what one got.  Looking out from my window seat, I raised my glass to this glorious scene.  Cheers.

Enjoy your longest day.

A la perchoine.


  1. You look lovely and either of those meals would have been good with me! Today? I went to the park and celebrated National Indigenous Peoples Day.

    1. Thank you, Sandy/Doris and your summer solstice day sounds like the best way of celebration of heritage. Hugs, x.

  2. You look bloomin' super Mary, I do hope you're feeling better. I love that jumper Hun, I hope you'll stop over and join the #chicandstylish #linkup Jacqui Mummabstylish

    1. Thanks Jacqui, so kind. I haven't been unwell but I'm feeling so much better now that my loved one is out of hospital and recovering. Hugs, x.

  3. I too love your outfit especially the jumper. I spent our shortest day of the year with my gorgeous grandson and so pleased to now be looking forward to longer days and travel. I lost my dear mum a week o so ago and am determined to make the best of my days.

    1. Oh Pieta, so sorry to hear about your mum, I send you my commiserations. Hope you're doing well, considering.
      Forgot that you're on winter time, so lucky you now getting longer days and having a little grandson to brighten this difficult time.
      Better start packing, Shetland awaits! Hugs, x.

  4. Movie Star Mary in that chic jacket and sunnies. I missed you, glad the crew is back on the health wagon so all can enjoy good fun and sensational sunsets! Hugs!

    1. Aww, you are so sweet and so kind and so fun,and from recollection I think you have a Gap jacket too. Yes, thank you, the crew's doing good, just got back from visiting our patient (3 minute drive!) and he's improved a little again today, so onwards we go. hugs, x

  5. I can see why you felt so confident, you looked terrific! Although it never gets cool enough here for a sweater in summer, I love the look of yours with your denim and heels. You are ultra cool!
    Your salad looks amazing and so healthy - yum! But I think I would have had more than a taste of TP's cheese souffle!
    Have a marvelous weekend my friend!

    1. Thanks, Mrs R, I tell you, those particular heels and jumper full me with a dose of supa-conf each and every time I wear them. Wear them together and Wow!!
      Oh that forkful was totally delish but he needs the cals more than Podgy Pout! Wishing you a huggy weekend, maybe in San Fran? X.

    2. Very cool and stylish look! :) Lise

  6. It's a lovely jumper and it looks fab with your jeans and heels - tres elegante! I loved the look of that prawn and avocado salad...

    Hope you have a fab weekend

    1. Oh dear Vronni,you say the sweetest things. Thank you. You know, that salad was so simple yet so yummy, think I'll do a Food Steal today! Hugs and happiness, x

  7. Looks like you spend the Solstice in style-love your Fonz look. What did I do?-I actually sheared my last sheep on Summer Solstice-talk about wooly!

    The salad looks divine. I had some avocado with my egg for breakfast. Lovely post, as usual...Terri xox

    1. Oh my, sheep shearing in June! Do you make your own knitting wool?
      Terri, I'm not a fan of avocado but I'm trying to man up to it so am bravely not automatically dismissing anything on the menu with avocado. I even had some with my tuna salad tonight, how gutsy is that?!
      Have a great wool-free weekend, x.

  8. I remember the jumper Mary and it's good to see it dressed in various ways. I love the whole styling here. I would love to hear more about you're golf. xx

    1. It's the first time I've paired it with proper jeans, and I think it works.
      Now Laurie, golf! Do you play? Here's my take. It's the first thing I ditch when life gets difficult or frantic. I like the pretty course, the exercise and getting out early. I like the group of blokes I play with. I hate the outfits, no make up and scragged back hair. I hate having to rely on TP to tell me where my ball has gone (eyesight issues). I am am ALWAYS counting down the holes to the end, so that says a lot. Well, you did ask!!
      Hugs my dearie, x.