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Friday 25 May 2018

Adding A Single Sizzle

Hello my summer sizzlers!
Thanks for stopping by.  Today I'm adding some colour to my summer wardrobe.  As much as I love my neutrals in summer, there are days when the sun or my mood, or both, draw me to colour.   

Coral has been creeping slowly into my summers over recent years. So I looked at the pieces I already have to identify gaps that need filling to get these garments to work as a coral team.

I don't have a coral t shirt and as I mentioned in a recent post, t shirts tend to be my day to day wear in warmer months.

Going a size or two bigger allows a t shirt to do what it's designed for, hanging loose.

And of course, when I saw this t shirt's fine crop, I thought of my dear blogger friend Andrea Nine and her love of pineapples and the fruit sealed the deal!

I wanted to rein in the t shirt and other tops I have with a simple cardi, but this one's too dark for the pieces I have.  No surprise really, the clue's in the colour's name, Lacquer Red.  Oops!  That one shouldn't have gone in my basket but it is a nice cardi if you're looking for a lightweight summer layer.

I tried it with an old Principles cardi which has its own sprinkles, embroidered flowers.  TP doesn't like this cardi, don't even ask him why because he doesn't know.  He just doesn't!
Anyway, the day was warm and a cardi would have spent the day scrunched in my bag, so I winged it cardilessly.

Another day, another pair of trousers.
My chinos have arrived.
(with apologies for not buckling up my shoes due to some quick changes and TP's ticking clock!)

I liked the colour of these but they just seemed a tad baggy in every direction, so I need to give them another try out on another day - and perhaps with a different attitude!

Now although these look quite ripply in the pics because TP is taller than me (most people are!) so the camera points down at me and creates more shadow than exists, well they felt pretty good on.

I think these are The Ones.

£25, M&S

Right, chinos done.  Back to coral.

This was colour is Flame.  Again, I should have paid attention to the name.

This cardi was more of a salmon pink.  
And at this point I gave up.  
I realised why I needed to give up.  Too much in one dose.  I'd strayed away from my light touch approach to 2018. I need to drip feed the colour into my wardrobe.  So the pineapple t shirt is the keeper I'm going to build on.  Slowly.  Everything else goes back!

Thus, I walked away from this lemon infusion from M&S too.

But this slinky stripey lemon, now sized up from a few posts ago?

Well, it's a fresh little keeper too!

So, what have I learned today?

Add one piece at a time.  
Let the piece settle down in your wardrobe, gently networking with the other pieces and colours you already have, working the room, so to speak.
Then ask yourself if something in that colour is still missing, then shop mindfully until you find just the right piece.
Don't rush, don't settle for "it'll do".
Remember, 2018 is the year of the Light Touch, for me at least.
Fancy joining me?

A la perchoine.


Another Saturday Six?

Winter berries in summer.


  1. Coral is your color and how fun that you channeled your inner Andrea with the pineapple print! Every time I see pineapple print I think of her too! The khakis look great with the color coral, I love the second top - with the longer sleeves - did I read correctly that it went back? I'm crying tears over here!
    I'm with TP and that cardi - not loving it, you're far too pretty for it that's my reason!
    Have a wonderful weekend my light touch friend!

    1. Aww thanks,sweetie, and I'll have to pass that more specific reason for TP's future use, that'll get him brownie points EVERY time! Sorry to make you cry but the colour just didn't work for me and the top just stops at the wrong place in the front. But hey ho, that's what a try on is all about eh.
      Now my dear, go forth and have a stinker of a Sunday with Mother Mary's blessing and hugs, x.

  2. I love you in the coral I think it is your colour and the salmon pink cardi. I like them better than the pale yellow.

    1. Aww thank you, Polly, it is a pretty colour and it's reminding me of a Sunday best coat I had when I was about 9-10 in exactly the same shade, and I've never forgotten it. Thanks for popping in. Hugs, my lovely x.

  3. How exciting was this post for me Mary, with my passion for colour! I loved you in coral (by any other name) and hope that you manage to take the plunge at some time this year as it really suits you. The lemon striped top is cute too, so perhaps I'm just going to have to be patient and enjoy your light touch for 2018!

    Have a super Sunday!
    Anna x

    1. Well, easy tiger, it's baby steps for your neutral loving loving friend! Glad I'm impressing you with my colour bravery, though I have some way to go before going technicolor on you! Hugs my bright friend, x.

  4. So not only is my love for pineapples and YOU abundant but Coral is my favorite color! LOVE this top to “pineapple” bits!

    1. Oh my, I'm ticking all your boxes with this top, my fruity friend. Love your "pineapple bits", you are one quick witted lady! Hugs my sweetness, x.