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Wednesday 23 May 2018

Seafront Sunday

Hi my darlings, thanks for popping in again.  My page visits tipped over a big (for me) number yesterday and I am so flattered and thankful that you pop into my humble blog.  I'm so thrilled to receive comments and I never tire of the "penpal" aspect of blogging and the friendships that form with readers from all over the world.   So thank you, dear readers, and I do hope you keep coming back!

So, what have I been up to?
In my last post I was saying YES! to yellow. Today, I'm letting my pics do (most of) the talking. 

I took my yellow t shirt and chinos down to the seafront.

Once a month, on a Sunday, Guernsey's seafront is designated traffic-free.
I decided to stroll along into town to soak up a bit of the atmosphere and check out what's what.

An abundance of street food is available, offering all types of local and global cuisines
Other stalls offer crafty things or are raising awareness of local charities.

 The Photographer had a struggle getting me away from this stall!

 This marina was sleepily quiet in the noon-day sun.

The old harbour slipway.

Each Seafront Sunday has a theme and it became quickly clear that this one was in support of our local animal charity, the GSPCA.  Needing no further prompt, dogs poured into town with their owners.

The tannoy announced that the next competition was for the Prettiest Bitch.

I didn't score well on "prettiest".

As well as a variety of street food on offer, some restaurants offered al fresco dining.

So which food trough did TP take me to?

 A cute little wharf seafoodisterie?

Or the fish and chip van!

Yup, it was the latter.  In fairness to TP, I had chosen this eaterie myself.   Poor Bertie is not doing too well at the moment and is off his food.  I struggle to find foods I know he will eat so I can crush his medication into it.  There is one food that I know he absolutely goes crazy for - fish from the chip shop! So I took him home a fish supper.  OK, I did help him out a bit ... well, quite a lot actually.  But oh what an excuse !

But on a lighter note, we had a wonderful stroll around the seafront, soaking in the sunshine and the atmosphere.  I was so pleased to see the event supported by locals and cruise ship visitors alike (there were two cruise ships in that day).  Town was a-buzzin'

So thanks for joining me on my visit to Seafront Sunday.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

A la perchoine.

COMING UP NEXT: Introducing more colour into my summer wardrobe.


  1. Gorgeous photos! It looks like such a fun time!

    1. Thanks, Laura, the town scrubs up well when the sun sprinkles its magic around a bit. I love sunny days! Hugs, x.

  2. Beautiful photos. Particularly liked the pics of the water and the boats. All looks so idyllic but we all know it's not always like that! Aren't farmer's markets great? I love buying fresh produce at this time of year from them. We are spoilt for choice here with lots of lovely fresh fruit and veg. Needless to say you look good in your yellow T.

    1. Oh you are so right, Christy, I say with sea as with boys, don't be fooled by the cute face! That pretty sea is a whole different kettle of fish in a storm. Thanks for liking the pics.
      Living in a rural area you must indeed eat well on a huge range of locally grown produce with just the odd food mile in it. So lucky eh.
      Thanks for popping in. Hugs my lovely, x.

  3. Oh wow, these photos make me want to head straight there! The weather looks glorious for tooling around outside. I'm all about the street food too. Fish and chips are my favorite although I hardly ever order it - such a calorie splurge but worth it! And you were wearing your sunny yellow top - looking quite radiant my friend!!!
    Congrats on the big number of page views!!! Woo hoo!!!

    1. Then head th is way, my friend! TP ate fish and chips at the restaurant lunchtime, he lost 6kgs in hospital so he's lapping up the calories!
      Thanks for your congratulations; other bloggers have much bigger numbers but mine is v.low key so I'm thankful for the visit I get.
      Hugs my sunny-clime sizzler, x.

  4. oh I love these pics. You are so lucky living in such a pretty place. Yellow is so refreshing after the blush pink abundance we have had the last few years. I am stocking up on yellow too. YOu look great in the colour. It suits your blondness. (Hair I mean, not demeanour.)

    1. Thanks, AM. Oh, believe me, I am so thankful to my ancestors for getting me here!
      Blush didn't do much for some if us so radiant yellow is a blessing. Oh so funny about the blondness! Thanks, my sweetness. Hugs my twin, wishing you a happy weekend ahead, x.

  5. Looks like so much fun.I felt like I was there. And you WERE the prettiest! Love the outfit. Perfect for the day.

    1. Oh Susan, you are just too charming for words! But thank you, my lovely, x.

  6. You are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. And my hubby and I would have eaten at the fish and chip van too!

    1. Thanks, sweet friend. Funny, fish a chips were a huge treat for me as a child, and they still are. I'm glad you enjoy them, next time I have them I'll think of you!
      Hugs my dear, x.

  7. Looks like a great day Mary! I'm going to have to pay a visit sometime. The idea of no traffic is appealing. Would make a nice change to our busy London roads! xx

    1. Oh you really ARE going to have to pop over sometime SOON! It won't be as hot as Malta but you'll have a good time, no matter what the weather! Hugs my loveliness, x