Remember ...

If not now, when?

Saturday 5 May 2018

What Day Is It?

Most days I wake up and I don't know what day it is.  Lying in bed I try to remember what I did yesterday.  It's a faltering process but I get there.  Eventually.

Yet yesterday, there was an issue with a payment which TP didn't think he'd paid when it was due back in January.  
You did, I quickly responded.   I spoke to the company on the phone, standing just there, by your bedside cupboard.  You were at golf, I told you that you needed to pay it when you got back home.
"No I don't remember that".

So I then rattled off such detail as:
I told the guy who rang that I usually speak to J (yes I remember conversations from  previous years  too).
Yes, I've taken over from her, the guy had said.
Great promotion.  It must be a nice job, I opined.
Oh yes it is, he replied, though I'm not sure it's promotion.
(And I  have to say that it did sound like he'd been put in a quiet corner to do this stress-free little number, like he'd been put out to seed.)

I couldn't surely be imagining such detail?

So The Photographer checked his bank statements and yes, it had been paid at the end of December.   On a golf day.

All that detail from a conversation five months ago.

Yet yesterday I had to remember that I had lunch with a friend before I could work out that I had woken up to Friday.

This is surely a sign that my brain is worn out, eh?
Yours too?
Does this happen to you?  More and more?

And there is a bright p.s. to this post.  A week or two ago I was commenting on
LAURIE'S BLOG HERE and mentioned a couple of places in Malta that I recommended for her upcoming holiday.  Today I remembered to take photos of them (is this demonstrating a functioning mid-term memory?).  So, Laurie, I hope you're having a truly wonderful holiday.

My painting of Valetta is resting (can't remember where I put it!) but here for you are my ...

Blue Grotto, Malta.

(Sorry, the painting's jade/blue sea isn't coming through in the photo)

Street Corner, Gozo, Malta.

See Laurie, I remembered !

A la perchoine.


  1. You painted those? Wow! I had no idea you had that talent, very nice my friend! This may sound crazy but I think our healthy brains remember what's important; you are retired so waking up and knowing what day it is on any random day isn't vital. But you remember the details of things that matter so you get a clean bill of health from Dr. Rohr!!!

    1. Yes ma'am. I did, not works of art but they fill a space on the back bathroom wall!
      Love your take on the aging brain. So, I remembered a bill was passed (important) but every day is weekend at Chez Pout (days not important). I'll come to Dr R for my next annual check up, OK?
      In fact, my brain is like my wardrobe, overspilling with clothes I mostly don't need. So my brain says "that fact wasn't important (no longer fits with your lifestyle) so I shoved it somewhere in the loft. If you really need that fact (business jacket that looks like your dad's) you're going to have to get up there and start rummaging!"
      Now that makes me feel better, my brain is self de-cluttering cos at my age I've got too much stuff!!!
      Thank you, oh wise Orlandian.
      Hugs babes, x

  2. I woke up mid-week and literally had NO idea where I was. I thought to myself, I don't feel "scared," so I must be safe," and then I finally figured it out. I thought my brain needed a break at that point too:)

    Black Coffee Beautiful

    1. Oh that's pretty serious stuff, Laura! I like how you immediately rationalised the situation. I sometimes get that when I've returned from holiday and have to think through where the bathroom is! Had you been away from home, I wonder.
      Thanks for popping in, hope to see you again soon.
      Hugs, x.

  3. Mary, you have painted two wonderful pictures. How very talented you are! Do you still paint and if not why?

    I do find my memory has worsened since I retired four years ago. I have a problem with names but never (or nearly never) forget a face. Today,for example, I was swapping over CDs to listen to in my car and found one that I have absolutely no recollection of buying or of who the artist was. It was definitely mine because as soon as I played it I recognised the music. I'm hoping I will recall where and when I bought it soon!

    1. Hi Vronni, as I've just mentioned to Laurie, I never have the time for painting these days, now that I'm retired! Also, where to put them? We have so many paintings being stored cupboards at any given time, a cottage doesn't have much clear wall space.
      Such a sign-of-our-times story Vronni, forgetting you'd bought a CD, so funny! It would be scarier if you'd discovered you'd bought something of an artist you'd forgotten that you DIDN'T like eh!
      Hugs my dear, enjoy the sun, x.

  4. Thank you Mary! And why the hell are you not doing more of this painting? You have hidden this talent from us!
    I'm going to Gozo on Friday! The holiday so far has been great, a real chill. A rocky start, I will be talking about it later on the blog but any problems were ironed out. And yes, I do forget lots of things!Everyday! xx

    1. It's terrible to say this but I never seem to have the time for painting these days, it was OK when I was WORKING! Oh rats, I should have painted the street name clearly then you could do outfit shots there, a sort of street corner pass-the-parcel! It's near a cute restaurant with a tree lined courtyard, from recollection.
      I must email you how I cope with flying, sort of anyway. Enjoy the rest of your fab holiday. Hugs x.