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Tuesday 12 April 2016

What I Did In The Holidays #2

Our schools' term ended on Friday for a belated Easter holiday; OK  a tad after Easter but it spreads the holidays up a bit better.

For her first day of school holidays Granny wore M&S taupe jeggings, Next printed jersey tunic top and Woolovers Pepper cashmere/merino edge cardi, with M&S snakeskin flatties..

We had a super day.  Fun, sunny and warm.

This is a great piece of kit if you have children in the family.  It's easy to use.  Some soft toys were made and a cute iPhone handbag.  Great entertainment, great learning, great work.

Then we went out for some fresh air and seaside fun. 
L'Eree was our playground today - nature provides us with some wonderful adventure paradises.

In the distance is Lihou island; it can only be accessed via a causeway at low tide.  The house on the island is rented out to big groups.  It's a real Enid Blyton-style holiday for families staying there.

We watched the waves crashing into the rocks, then waterfalling through the gaps.  
The waves' spume looked like milk pouring into a frothy milkshake.

We stopped a moment for some quiet thought at the memorial to a ship wrecked off the coast some years ago.  The Le Hanois lighthouse lies off the shore to protect vessels but sadly this one hit the rocks in a storm and many poor souls lost their lives.

Our favourite little cove, where the playing began. 

We threw stones in to the sea as far as we could;
a few even managed to skim the surface!

A fine collection of cuttle fish were amassed.

Photographs were taken of some of the many varieties of wild flowers, here are a few.

We took time to smell the gorse - heavenly when its warmed by the sun. 

And then we had to say a la perchoine to our little play-cove, for it was time for lunch (chocolate biscuits and ginger beer maybe?!).

I hope you enjoyed your trip to the seaside.

A la perchoine.

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