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Tuesday 5 April 2016

My Latest Crush

I have a confession to make.  I've fallen.  Big time.  
Is it love?  Or merely a passing infatuation?  
Perhaps you can help me out here.

Meet My latest crush ...

She's from Monsoon and before you form a view, I have to tell you that the photo doesn't do her justice.  She is so much more vibrant "in the flesh".  
She had me at hello.

I saw this dress and instantly a thought flashed in my mind. Christening! I'm going to a christening in a couple of weeks and just maybe this little fresh and flowery number could be the perfect thing to wear.  With a cardi, bien sur.  And it would be my go-to special dress for summers to come, so PPW will justify the initial expenditure.

And I can further justify it by reminding myself that I have NEVER had a bad buy from Monsoon.  The few pieces I have allowed myself to buy over the years have turned out to be things I feel wonderful in.  And they don't date.  Thus, they have been worn so much that their prices per wear are pretty much around the farthing too, just like the little ivory linen dress I showed you recently.

So little Marie (yes, she has a name) makes so much economic sense that it would be profligate of me not to snap her up and put a ring on her finger. PDQ.

Oooh, I think it's paraphrase time, peeps.
If I like it, then should I put a ring on it?  Thanks, Beyonce.

OK, reality check.  
It's a dress.  An "it". Not a potential fling or potential life-partner.
I haven't tried it on.  Yet.  It will could all change if I do.  
There is a good chance that I will look awful in it 
and the mirror will make the decision for me.  
But there is a small chance that she and I will look fabulous together, and that, my friends, is keeping my flame burning for this burst of summer on a hanger.

Is she a keeper?

A la perchoine. 

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