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Saturday 2 April 2016

Leading By Example

Is there a better way to enjoy the journey home?  
(Yes.  Me.   Enjoying the journey!). 

London Gatwick Caviar House.

Unwinding in Departures with a delicious Prawn Cocktail.
With added tabasco!

Courteous service and a backdrop of luxury shops!

And best of all.  Unwinding with a glass of chilled Sancerre.  Superb!

Then finishing with a double espresso.
Oh, and I'll have to fess up to that side order of dark chocolate!

Bon voyage !

As I age, I find that after a period of over-indulgence my body cries out for cleansing.  It cries out for increased physical activity, for light "clean" food ... and no wine, thank you.  And only when I obey its command does it stop its crying and its whinging!

So next day, led by the previous day's fine example of light food, I filled the fridge back home with seafood and fish, poultry, huge amounts of veg and salad stuff.  And no Sancerre! Starting as I mean to go on, after enjoying two weeks of dining on rich food, washed down by more than just the odd glass of chilled white!

Then lunch.  Clean food.  And lots of water. 
OK, fess up time again - a freshly baked roll has sneaked in ...

The increased activity starts tomorrow!

A la perchoine.

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