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Sunday 3 April 2016

Tidy Desk, Tidy Blog #2

Here's where I have been typing for the past couple of weeks.

This space is oh so easy to keep tidy. 

This is an ex-show house and the fittings came with the house.  
Including space-age light fittings!

A fitted office isn't something I would have chosen, but it does work.  
Everything can be shoved in cupboards.  
Out of sight, out of mind :-).

All but the biggest books can be stored away in the cupboards.  Paperwork, printer stuff and all the rest of the office paraphernalia 
is hidden away in the capacious, smooth-sliding drawers. It makes such sense.

I've found it so easy to work in this tidy space.  
I kept it tidy.  It kept my mind tidy.  That was the deal! 

'Aver, the desk chair that came with it was pretty but not too comfortable after a while.

So, whilst in Southampton last weekend we popped into Ikea.  
Ok, it was somewhat longer than a simple "pop in" :-).  
I don't think it's possible to just "pop" in there.  Not for me, anyway.  
Me and Ikea have history.  
I have a 1980 Ikea catalogue.  That's not sad.  That's passion.  
It's filled with classics of our time - the Poang armchair, the Billy bookcase ...

But, back to the plot.  In there I found this amazingly comfortable office chair.  If swivels 360 degrees.  It reclines.  It's so comfy I could fall asleep in it.  And it's just £35.  
Meet your perfect office chair, here, the Torkel.  You're welcome.

Doesn't it look the business?!

The stylish chair can just about be seen in the corner - it's there, waiting for guests.
And waiting.  And waiting.
I feel a bit Norman No Mates, actually. Maybe I'll move it ...

A La perchoine. 

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