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Monday 25 July 2022

What Took Me So Long?

 Hello my lovelies!

It’s embarrassing.  

In this post 


I was full of defiant enthusiasm to wear a newly bought jumpsuit. 

I say defiant as The Photographer wasn’t overly keen on my acquisition (more on that shortly!). 

And then it didn’t happen. 

Well a week or so I suddenly got the urge to wear this forgotten piece in my wardrobe whilst chatting about it with visiting Annemarie.  
And it’s been calling me ever since.  

So I wore it.

And I quite honestly love it! 

What did take me so long to get round to wearing it?

Is it because in this blog post 


I was maybe put off wearing it because of my photographer’s lack of enthusiasm for this jumpsuit.  

And lack of enthusiasm is putting it mildly, look at me telling him to “talk to the hand” (a.k.a. wind his neck in!) after his barrage of criticism!

But I’ve finally worn it so let’s chat a little bit about the jumpsuit. 

I bought this jumpsuit at Primark in 2019.  Then didn’t wear it, as explained above. 

The danger with leaving an item in your wardrobe during The Covid Years is that the items, err, shrink 🥴😉. 

Why the silly posing, you may wonder?

Why did I do this off the shoulder look?

Well, I wanted to show you the sun-style jumpsuit’s  strappy top.  But …
I’d just done my nails so couldn’t touch the cardi!

Hence the silly poses!

But jumpsuits.  What are they all about?

Toilet arrangements 

Well let’s first address that elephant in the room.  No, not me, but the lack of “arrangements” down below. 

Well don’t let the “toilet challenges” put you off. 

This style is easy to unbutton in a thrice and provided  you don’t let the jumpsuit drop to the floor, it’s a doddle spending penny.

The sleek line flatters all body shapes

The style is flattering as it skims over even portly protrusions.  It creates a sleek line. 

Lots of air flow

It’s ideal for summer as it’s a cool wear.  This strappy style allows the air to flow freely.  Find yourself a good strapless bra to give a clean uncluttered line.

 (I may sound ancient but I really do not feel comfortable showing my bra straps under a skimpy or strappy top - what’s your view on this?)

A cool uncluttered waist area

The sleek all in one line negates the need for a waistband so allows the waist to keep cool as it’s free of constraints.  And that seems to be a big plus I’ve found from wearing this jumpsuit in hot summer.


And a jumpsuit feels FUN!

But I guess the biggest plus is that it’s such a fun thing to wear that I feel the joy as soon as I place my first foot in this clever construction. 

This style jumpsuit sparks joy!

Do you own a jumpsuit?

Any views/experiences to share in the comments below?


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A la perchoine, 

Mary xxx 


  1. I cannot believe that TP would ever be critical of you, darling Mary! But the photo of the hand speaks volumes! I like this jumpsuit very much, especially with the denim jacket. I know the toilet arrangements can be an issue with jumpsuits but you seem to have addressed those well. I enjoyed seeing you and Annemarie twinning!

    1. Oh Mrs R, TP has a dark side and it comes out taking “fashion” photos of me!

      Thanks, once the toilet arrangements are sorted, a jumpsuit is a good item to wear. And the twinning was pure coincidence!

      Hugs Mary xxx.

  2. I remember seeing you post a photo of you wearing a rather chic black jumpsuit some time ago (on a cruise?) and I have hankered after one ever since. I finally succumbed to a rather modest dark green number a few weeks back but have only worn it once!
    Perhaps if I had bought something similar to your lovely red number it would have had more of an airing! xxx

    1. My goodness, you have a good memory. Yes the black jumpsuit was for a cruise and the only time I’ve worn it again is for my second cruise! It’s crepe and a bit posh.

      This one is far less posh so I have no excuse not to wear it now eh? And didn’t you wear that lovely dark green jumpsuit here in Guernsey? You looked stunning. Do try to wear it again soon!!!
      Hugs Mary xxx.

  3. I love it! I thrifted a navy striped jumpsuit this summer and have loved wearing it. So far I have worn a tank under mine but should wear it without.

    1. Oh Mireille, that navy striped jumpsuit sounds lovely, I hope I can find pics of it on your blog.
      Mary xxx.

  4. It is a lovely jumpsuit and you look fabulous in it. You and Mr. P have known each other a long time - much longer than OH and I but you shouldn't listen to anyone's views on what you're wearing. If OH likes what I'm wearing - fine; if he doesn't I'll still wear it. If you like it wear it! I hope you get lots more wear out of it. I have a grey jumpsuit which I love but it's a nightmare to get out of for the loo. Recently bought something which is a cross between a jumpsuit and dungarees and I love it!
    Have a great week

    1. You’re so right Vronni, I told hubs to talk to the hand but I should also have carried it through by wearing the jumpsuit! For some reason this one is much easier for loo visits, think it’s the front button opening.
      Mary xxx.

  5. It's such a pretty jumpsuit and it's great you got to wear it again! I can't do jumpsuits - the toilet issue makes it too difficult, haha! I need fuss-free bathroom stops, as when we are out I'm juggling the kids as well!

    Hope you had a great weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Yes I could see how juggling young children and a jumpsuit could be fraught with potential accidents in a small cubicle! Best stick to the dresses and skirts you do so well, Mica!
      Mary xxx.

  6. So funny with "talk to the hand." I've only ever had 1 jumpsuit, cropped length, and hardly ever wore it. It's not that I don't like them, it's just difficult to find one that fits properly. Yours is a beaut and hope the photographer comes round to it! Thanks for linking x

    1. You have a lovely body shape Gail and it was interesting to read your article this week this very subject. Just keep searching. One day your jumpsuit will come!
      Mary xxx.