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Thursday 14 July 2022

2fer Insta Meet Ups!

 Hello my lovelies!

If you’re in the UK right now I hope you’re managing to keep cool in this heatwave. 

Seems blogger meetups are like buses. 

You wait for three years then two come along pretty much at once!

Here I am in Guernsey recently with two Instagram/blogger mates 
Annemarie from @my_over50_fashion_life and 
Jacqui from @jc30iom, 
meeting up and chatting like crazy over a tasty al fresco brunch.

These two lovely ladies both chose to holiday here in the same week and enjoyed happy and hot times on our beautiful island. 

My first 2022 meet up was with the lovely Annemarie a few weeks ago. 

We got together for a long-overdue chat whilst I was holidaying in Sussex in June (here walking along the beach hut lined promenade). 

We cooled off with heatwave aperos at a beachside restaurant. 

We walked around the iconic De La Warr pavilion and its environs. 

It was so refreshing to catch up for a chat after soooo long. 

We’d both come armed (or headed!) with the totally obligatory straw hats.

Ok, let’s start up another meet up with the what I ate, as that’s the order my phone chose to load the pics!

I ate a most delicious chicken schnitzel, the cream sauce was truly amazing.  We ate at @thefarmhouse, where Jacqui was staying; she had a wonderful stay there.

The sun was still shining as we left the car park. 

And finally, my phone has deigned to give you the lovely Jacqui!

We first met up when she was holidaying in Guernsey in 2020 

and then I reciprocated with a holiday in IoM (where Jacqui lives) a few weeks later. 

I didn’t tell you about these meet ups at the time as I was on a blogging sabbatical, so I thought I’d just cover them briefly here. 

The reason for all this activity across the Irish Sea in 2020 was that our two islands set up a bridging link as both islands were Covid free all through that summer.  
We didn’t have a similar link with neighbouring Jersey as that island still had a fair number of Covid cases on the island.  That’s how seriously we were taking it back then. 

How times have changed eh, things seem more relaxed now and our skies are a-buzz with vapour trails - stir crazy folk seem to have gone a little travel crazy. 

The skies evidence how much travel is going on. 

Oh how I digress. 
Let’s get on to the second meet up of last week. 

Whilst Annemarie was here we met up for dinner. 

Well we were tradition-bound to do a selfie eh?

I wore a simple black linen dress on this hot evening.  

Spot something?  It’s the same dress as I wore to meet up with Jacqui in 2020, so it must be designated meet up dress! 
I’ll tell you more of this dress in another post. 

But right now, let’s talk about what I ate!

I ate this  gorgeously tasty seafood gratin at The Captain’s pub. 
Oh my, it was fab, but so rich and filling that half ended up in a doggy bag which with a bit of padding gave us a lovely meal next day. 

We have to get home before dark (not a Cinderella thing, it’s night time driving issues - an age thing eh) so we enjoyed a coffee out on the deck, listening to the evening bird chorus. 

I’ll post some more on our adventures soon.  

So, that’s my 2020 and 2022 meet ups covered. 

Two super meet ups in quick succession. 
Aren’t I the lucky Pouting Pensioner?!

Both mates had been to the island before and were keen to return.  Each had an amazing time whilst here. 

You can catch up on their holiday shenanigans on their Insta accounts as shown at the beginning of this post. 

You can also read more on Jacqui’s blog
The Diary of a Nobody
where she’s recently posted on her holiday,

and see more on Annemarie’s YouTube channel
of the same title as her Instagram account
where she will shortly be including her visit within one of her vlogs. 

If you are a blogger/Instagramer/YouTuber, have you met up with any SM mates recently?
Please share in the comments below.

And talking of YouTube …

I leave you with a little two minute film of me following the glorious evening sun on the drive back home after my dinner with Jacqui. 
I hope to post more video content on my channel.  
You can always find me on YouTube
And don’t forget to subscribe because my postings are erratic!

A la perchoine,
Mary xxx 


  1. Oh.. fame at last!!!
    Thank you for the (many) mentions Mary. It was so lovely to meet up with you (and The Photographer) again, and to meet Annemarie for the first time after following her Insta posts.
    We enjoyed both trips to your beautiful island and hope to one day come back and repeat the experience.
    You have been warned!!!

    1. PS: meant to say that video is stunning.

    2. It was so lovely to see you again. Now let’s see, shall I tempt you back with Sark next year?
      Hugs Mary xxx.

    3. Thanks and I’m so pleased you enjoyed the little video.
      Mary xxx.

  2. I love instagram meet ups: I am meeting with a friend in a couple weeks that I met on Insta and we've met a couple times already.

    1. Oh that’s wonderful Mireille, I hope you post about it. Enjoy!
      Mary xxx.

  3. How fun you got to meet up with these lovely ladies! It's always wonderful to meet people in person!

    1. Thanks for popping in Laura. Living on a little island I don’t get much chance for meet ups, so the week was very special indeed.
      Mary xxx.

  4. Hello, I saw your comment over on Shelbee's and thought I would drop in and see if you posted anything and indeed you did! I see you have been busy this July. I will need to catch up! How wonderful that you got to meet up with Instagram friends. it looks like you had a wonderful time and Guernsey is so beautiful.

    1. Hi Terri,
      Yea I’ve been posting for a few months, and as you know so well, blogging takes time so it’s mostly weekly. So pleased you popped in. The meet week was fabulous and they both so enjoyed their stay.
      Hugs and kisses. Mary xxx

  5. What fun meetups! I've caught up with a few local ladies I've met through Instagram - it's really fun striking up friendships there, although I definitely don't spend as much time on the app as I used to nowadays!

    Hope you had a fun weekend :) We went to a birthday party and had a playdate :)

    Away From The Blue

  6. Well you’re a very busy workout mum, I’m sure you have to ration your Insta time Mica. You’ve had a busy weekend, I had a christening and a sea swim day.
    Enjoy your week,
    Mary xxx.