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Thursday 7 July 2022

Glow in a Bottle

 Hi my lovelies!

New product alert!

Just popped in to tell you briefly about a new product I’ve tried on my face today.  

It’s a gold-coloured facial oil applied without or over foundation. 

I chose to put it on my “bare” face, that is to say on to moisturized and SPF’ed skin, no foundation. 

This product certainly gives a lovely glow to the skin, a dewy moisturised softness and a kissed-by-the-sun colour.  And as I type it’s still giving me a natural radiance five hours after these pics were taken. 

As I age, I find matt and thick foundations are most unflattering.  

My tip is to go lighter on the face as each few years roll on to allow your true skin to shine through (and cheat with a product like this for a “no makeup” look. 

If you have “imperfections” that you feel need covering just use a light foundation or concealer and apply topically on those areas alone and blend well in. 

I say “imperfections “ as the benchmark for a beautiful skin is portrayed in the beauty world (and perhaps in our minds) as that of a sub-20 year old and anything that strays away from that perfect palette of youth is deemed to be imperfect. 

But let’s be honest, no one else pays any attention whatsoever to these imperfections, only you.  People are looking at the inner you shining through, not those broken veins or sun spots.    So my view is that where foundation and powders are concerned. especially in summer, cover up for you if it makes YOU feel better, but don’t bother with too much if you are oblivious to these so called imperfections when out and about. 

So having said all of that (and said mostly for myself!) I think this is quickly going to become a summer favourite.   It gives the lightness and feel of 

Summer’s “bare” skin 

but not the reality!

Are you looking for a bare faced dewy glow?

Then click here: Follow this link for details

And oh my goodness, I’ve just followed that link and there’s a massive 45% off the price at the moment so hurry if you’re looking for a glow in a bottle!!

A la perchoine,

Mary xxx. 


  1. It's great you've found a product that works for you! After I got frustrated to find out that my BB cream had been discontinued (it seems like every one I like gets discontinued!) I've decided to stick with a sheer sunscreen I found. None of the BB creams or tinted ones worked for me, so it's bare face all the way now, haha! :)

    Hope you are having a nice week :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Oh you’ve got me intrigued now. A sheer sunscreen, what’s that all about?!!
      Hugs xxx.