Remember ...

If not now, when?

Saturday 1 August 2020


Hello my lovelies!

Ooh I’ve just got to tell you about my little shopping bonanza. 

The weather is fabulous and I’ve been beaching it and swimming it whilst the good weather window is open. 

Following the theme of my recent bra post about replacing under wired bras, SEE UNDERPINNINGS HERE,  I’ve now discovered practically all of my swimsuits and tankinis are underwired too.  And one in particular gives great uplift but is so darned uncomfortable. 

So again I headed to the M& website. 
And I found these.

OMG what a find!
A lovely fresh pattern and oh what a fit!
I sized up as I’m big on top and that worked perfectly. 

I also got its sister, and this was another OMG moment.  
Great colour and pretty soft and feminine colourways. 

And I actually look passable in them. 

The important thing for me is they give good uplift without the wires and give a lovely shape. And because they’re high necked I don’t have all that fuss trying to contain the boobs in cups.  This type of  neckline sends out a message of elegant and sophisticatedly Mature Lady on the Beach, IMHO. 

They stand up well to the swimming and dry reasonably quickly considering they’re lightly lined throughout. 
But oh how charming they are to wear because boob overspill is absolutely zero. 

And here’s the thing ... they’re post surgery swimsuits.   Yes, you read correctly!   But I thought, just how different can they be to ordinary swimsuits?  And the answer is not a lot  They have a soft inner lining and little pockets for a prosthetic inserts.  But none of this is visible to the onlooker. 

Why oh why aren’t there more of these high necked swimsuits on the market?  They hide all the wrinkly décolleté, no overspill as I’ve said countless times already - yes, they are quite simply the perfect swimsuit for a pensioner. 

And they were in the sale, reduced from £30 to £14.50.  Win win. 
If you are looking for a decorously high necked swimsuit then pop over to the website NOW!

And I took my swimsuits here. 

I swim.  A lot of beachgoers stand around cooling in the sea.  I think that’s quite British eh?

Beach life. 

And no it’s not Daniel Craig emerging from the sea, after a swim, it’s our old mate TP!

A fabulous tankini coming up soon!

Now, over to you ...
So where do you stand on swimsuits?
Wired or wireless?
Low necked high necked?

A la perchoine, 
Mary x. 


  1. Swimsuits??? I can't remember the last time I actually owned one 😉

    1. Oh Jay, does this mean there'll be none in your suitcase for Guernsey?!!
      Hugs, x.