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Monday 1 June 2020

The Cami And Jeans Staple

Hello my lovelies!

Today I’d like to share with you a retirement dressing summer staple. 

Cami and jeans. 

I was recreating this young Pinterest look for my contribution to the #herstyleourway challenge, when I realised what a staple it is in my retirement wardrobe. It’s comfortable and fresh and is a perfect way to zjoojsh up jeans for an out-out outing and I actually wear this “young” kind of thing a lot through spring and summer.  Do you?
So if you like this look, worn here on a lady who’s maybe in her early 20s, it can be still worn in our 70s, ladies.  But with these tweaks.  

1.  Distressed jeans can be largely ignored, they go against everything we were taught about dressing smartly as we became young ladies eh?  A little subtle distressing in the denim may be ok, but outright rips? They’re just not us, right?  

2.  A tummy tuck is best left to the youngsters so can be ignored too.  Though I tried one for the sake of my art!

3.  Hanging your cami loose works better for those (ME) who’ve eaten too many pies in their lifetime! 

4. Oh and BTW, don’t forget to add a sunhat if your greying hair reacts to harsh sunlight.  The sun is pretty brutal during this glorious summer we’re enjoying right now. 

5.  Add a cardi for cooler evening evenings. 
Who am I kidding?  Bung a cardi on EVERYTHING! Most of the time we oldies just want to cover our arms eh, no matter whether it’s chilly or El Skorchio out there!

Bunging a cardi on my cami and jeans made this an ideal outfit for slouching around on a lockdown evening.  And if I HAD been going out-out then the cardi would have been the perfect coverup for sitting outside enjoying an al fresco glass of wine whilst watching the sun set along on our west coast. 
(Who am I kidding again, I’d wear it just to cover up those flabby crepey skinned arms!!)

And bunging a cardi sounds like a quick and casual action but much thought goes into cardi selection, doesn’t it ladies? 
Even The Photographer With Fashion Views chipped in on this one.    He felt the balance was out of kilter with a 3/4 cardi.  His view was that the fluffy chunky style finished at the same length as the cami and was the one for the evening.   He was right of course. 

Apropos all this out-out malarkey, our restaurants and pubs serving food are open as of last Saturday. But with social distancing observance, of course. 
I’m not rushing to get out there, preferring to wait till the dust settles during this Stage 4 of our Lockdown Exit process.  I’ll wait to see if any cases pop up as a result of more mingling out in the community.
Have you been out-out yet?

A la perchoine,
Mary x.  


  1. Well, I think you look fab with the tummy tuck! I can never get the hang of it. And, I always add a cardi, just to cover any lumpy bits!!
    I have to admit that I never wear blue jeans. I just feel scruffy in them, although I do possess black and white versions.
    We have sort-of been out-out, but not too far!

    1. Tummy tucks are ok until the breathing starts!
      I think we'll be referred to as the Cardi-agers in millennia to come.
      I'm kind of knocked for six to hear you don't wear blue jeans and am now wondering if you ever wore them in younger decades. Gosh, you've got me curious!
      Well done for going out, I've done the garden centre and B&Q for things that were needed (garden furniture because their online suite wasn't applying our loyalty discount, and a privacy tree, respectively); still no eateries yet.
      Hugs, x.

  2. Hello, I really like your breezy look today. I'm actually making a black cami now. It's funny, but I can't wear a cami by itself-always have to have a blouse or jacket over it. As far, as going out to eat, we actually went to The Wine Journal's new back patio area last Wednesday afternoon for our 47th wedding anniversary. At 3 in the afternoon, there was only one other table occupied on the other side. That's all I will do right now. And this is going to sound over the top but I had a roll of sanitary wipes in my bag and did an extra wipe down of our table. It was nice not to have to bring home any Styrofoam containers!
    About beat up jeans, now I have a pair that I thrifted about three years ago and love them-no real major rips, but they look pretty artistic (a nice way of saying it I guess) and I love them-sort of my art teacher statement, I guess. Take care-glad you are getting to open up. we're in for a very long haul, I think. XOXO Terri

    1. I get what you're saying Terri, a cami feels like underwear to ladies of a certain age. Like wearing a liberty bodies in public view! Good luck with your sewing.
      Belated congrats on your anniversary. Your out-out experience sounds as surreal as this whole lockdown thing.
      And I think what you say about distressed jeans is key for mature ladies, no major rips.
      Thanks for your interesting notes and observations.
      Hugs, x.