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Tuesday 16 June 2020

Floral Blouse and Jeans

Hi my lovelies!

For another of my outfit steals which  @my_stylejourney had chosen, it was yet ANOTHER week went I went with their Southern Hemisphere choice (far left). 
I wasn’t feeling the summer. 

So yes, I had to add an extra layer because it was bloomin’ cold and wet too. 

My retiree’s twist was to switch out the jacket for a more cardi-casual vibe. 

And this cute but cosy cashmere cardi was the perfect foil for the day’s  gloomy weather. .
(It’s since warmed up and we’re back on course for summer.)

One of the benefits of entering these steal challenges set by others is that you shop your wardrobe, yes, but you also come up with combos you hadn’t thought of before.

I’ve worn this pretty blouse countless times, with chinos and white jeans, with little linen skirts, even over dresses. 
But I have honestly never thought to wear this blouse with jeans before.  
Duh, you might say, for EVERYTHING goes with jeans eh?

I think the secret is to link a colour in the print to shoes and cardi so that the jeans come through as a neutral backdrop. 
And having worked out this link thingy I discovered that I really liked this outfit.  
So did TP.  I tried on two other choices for the challenge and this was the one he selected for my OOTD.  Choosing my day’s outfit is a little reward I give him after putting him through about 59  photo clicks.  Though I think his reward of choice would be a Galaxy chocolate caramel bar!

Anyway, my conniving aside, I put together a cheery and bright outfit.  
And not only did I need that to combat the day’s winter-like weather, but also to brighten up my day generally as on the agenda was a trip to the dentist.  Yes I had an “incident” during lockdown and had to wait until the dentist’s surgery was fully operational to get myself properly fixed.  

Do you come across combos you’d never ever considered previously ?
And do you “steal” from outfits you see on social media, Pinterest, films etc?
I’ve been doing it for a few decades now and it’s always a surprise to discover that you have long-forgotten pieces that can make up a darn good outfit steal. 

A la perchoine,
Mary x.

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  1. Those are very uplifting colours for a chilly summer day.
    It is misty, murky and damp here today but I am wearing bright yellow to try to tempt the sun out of hiding xx

    1. I wore yellow yesterday, and found not a good choice we went for a walk and I was entirely covered in little back flies I think they thought I was a walking Rape Seed plant.!!

  2. Lovely colours Mary, love the cardi too. I'm waiting for cancelled root canal treatment at my dentist but had a list of strict compliance rules emailed me ahead of when they are allowed to re-open, and you are NOT allowed to use the loo! I have an hours travel to the dentist so I just know with the anxiety I will def. need the loo, even if I dont drink a drop of liquid before I go! May have to wait for my treatment!

    1. Hi Lin and thank you. Yes, there are a few new twists to the dentist's visit routine but it flows really well. But oh what complications with your surgery being so far away! I'd definitely need a toilet visit after that drive. I've been twice during this difficult period - I only have a ten minute drive but we're allowed to use the toilet and I always do!
      Good luck with the root canal filling, hugs, x.

  3. Oh joy!! I love this outfit; it is so cheerful and summery. I also never thought that pretty and jeans would go together but you have proved me wrong and I don't mind at all!

    1. Hi Dutchie, you are going to HAVE to try this concept -daint princess on top and rugged cowboy below the waist. It really works and I feel less butch in jeans as a result!
      Happy Thursday to you, hugs, x.