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Friday 25 October 2019

3 Ways to Wear A Tan Moto

Hello my lovelies!  How are you doing?  
More specifically, how are you doing with your new season's wardrobe? 

Well, as I explained in my post dressing-by-numbers-longer-cardigan. HERE, I need help in putting together outfits when faced with my seasonal switch of clothing.  
My wardrobe looks somewhat alien, like its been sprinkled with the clothes of other ladies.  My mind's a blank each day as to how I (and those other ladies!) wore all this stuff previous autumns, so I struggle to come up with outfits from the eclectic mix I see before me. 

I look for inspo and I dress by numbers, for ease and, well, because mine and everyone's lives are too busy to dwell too much on mere outfits eh?  There's a whole world of turmoil out there when we step our stylishly booted foot out of the bedroom, so scant thought can be afforded to even simple style.

My dressing by numbers this past week has been focused on light outerwear, for there is a decided nip in the air now and it's cool enough outside to need a light dressing of outerwear.

I see from my Pinterest trawl that tan leather and suede motos are popping up with fervour this season.   Hmmn what do I have in my arsenal that gives a nod to this trend?

I don't have a tan moto, and not even a tan anything in the leather or suede outerwear department.   But eureka, I am just looking to a nod to the trend rather than slavishly jumping on the tan moto bandwagon, am I not?   
Well, there is answer to that rhetorical question and that answer is decidedly YES!  
So I hooked out my brown suede jacket, bought in Debenhams at the turn of the millennium.  That'll work.  Warm but not too warm so perfect for temps right now and something to work with to try to bring some of my previous seasons' pieces together into a look that says NOW(ish).

My first steal was this.   That aforementioned old brown suede blazer. A Woolovers longline cashmere merino jumper in a colour close to this season's caramel.  Brown Clarks ankle boots and totally undistressed girlfriend jeans finished the steal.  And I forgot to take one single solitary photo.  Sorry.

My next steal was based around a grey column.  And it is evidenced this time!

Grey jeans, Peacocks.  Grey cashmere merino high necked jumper, Woolovers.

Grey crossover bag and scarf, Primark.
 And the old brown boots again.

My third look will be to add some leoprint to the mix.   I say "will" because I have since been distracted by a moto jacket I DO have, my old faithful black moto.  But I WILL try out this third steal (it can hardly be described as challenging - white T and a scarf, for heaven's sake!).  And when I do, I'll make sure I photograph it and include it in my roundup of October outfits.  I didn't post a September roundup as that was mostly filled with cruise outfits and that deserves a post of its own, coming up (WHEN I can find the time!).

So there you have it - 3 ways to wear the tan moto.

Except that the moto is a blazer.  
The tan is a chocolate brown. 
One styling wasn't photographed.  
And I still owe you the third styling.

And I call myself a blogger?

It's no wonder I look contrite right now ...

As I head hurtle towards my 70s, I learn more and more that when I see a look I like, my first port of call is my wardrobe rather than the shops.  I can interpret the look into something in keeping with my age with whatever I have in there, then test drive it ... and if I'm blown away by it*, then maybe, just maybe I'll invest some pensioner pennies in a purchase.
Is this your approach too?

A la perchoine,
Mary x.

*P.s.  I think I'm teetering on the edge of being blown away by the tan moto!


  1. Loving the photos and the outfits but...tan moto????? Pray tell!

    1. Aww thanks, Dutchie. The tan moto is tan biker jacket this side of the pond. I was feeling decidedly American when I wrote this post, it would seem!
      Hope you're having a smashing weekend, hugs x.

  2. All I think you interpretated the trend really well! I think its better to turn a trend to your own style then to copy it exactly. Otherwise we would look like a mannequin in a window!

    1. Thanks and so true Nancy! When I'm drawn to a look I like to see what I have in my wardrobe that can create a hint of the trend.
      Wishing you a good week ahead, x.

  3. Your outfit is stylish and your contrite looks is cute :) Lise

    1. Oh thanks Lise and I'm so pleased you like my look of contrition!
      Hope you're enjoying the Black Sea autumn.
      Hugs, x.