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Monday 23 September 2019

In Praise of Granny Trousers

Today I'm going to talk about Granny Trousers - at length, it turns out, better grab yourself a cuppa!

So, Granny Trousers.   You know, the ones with the pull on waistband.  Comfortable.  Shapeless.  Unflattering.
Usually just thinking about them makes me feel I've aged a whole generation.
So I don't wear them.  
Plus I'm reminded of the ONE pair of maternity trousers I owned - navy jersey pull ons - which I wore throughout my pregnancy and ceremoniously binned soon after.  Traumatic!

So pull-ons for me aa huge turn off.  

That's the back story.

I realised that my recent uncharacteristically colourful travel capsule needed grounding with a pair of black trousers for dinner nights wear aboard the ship.  They go with everything.  They underpin every smart girl's capsule.
No travel case should be without them, right?

A couple of days before Some weeks before my trip I tried on my five+ pairs of plain black trousers.  They were all way too big and I quickly worked it out that although I could take them in in some areas, fancy seams and pockets would prevent a good hack job.  
So they went in the charity bin and I went shopping.  It's ok, I feel safe to talk about this here because TP doesn't read my fashion posts, they're way too boring (his words).  So this shopping post is out little secret eh?! 😉.

I headed to M&S and saw a fine selection of plain black trousers.  I was drawn to a wide leg jersey pair (hmnn, wide leg AND pull-on?) and some well tailored ankle grazers.  The former didn't come home with me (pull-ons, need I say more?!!) and whilst the ankle grazers are a lovely cut and definitely keepers, they felt too hot for Mediterranean climes.  So I returned to the store, tried on the wide leg jersey trousers and BOOM!, I was in love.
A flattering cut, beautiful drape, yadda yadda, all the things I didn't associate with pull-on granny pants.  And uber comfy, of course.

So they were the trousers that made it into my suitcase.

And I am soooo pleased they did.  They were so easy (and forgiving 😉) for quick-change dinners aboard.


Here with a ruffle top and glitzy sandals.  Comfort in spade loads.

There were times when our day long excursions ran late (stories in themselves!) and we arrived back on board just minutes before we were due to meet BIL and SIL for dinner.   Oh the ease of no-brainer dressing - slipping on an easy pair of black trousers, adding a black or ivory top, wedges or glitzy sandals, a bit of jewellery, a brush though the hair and a smear of perky lipstick, a squirt of Chanel #5 ...
And out the door to meet up with the guys for dinner.  On time.
But usually with no time for even a quick OOTD shot.

So today, wearing them with a classic black.jumper,

 I'm reminded of what a pull on convert I now am.
So I thought I'd remedy my paucity of granny pants cruise shots by recreating some of my looks.

First up,

My old Next ivory faithful.  It invariably finds its way into most of my suitcase packs.  Do YOU have a must-pack too?

I didn't do a front tuck on the night and looking at this, I'm rather glad I didn't.

And these rushed dressing times were when I thanked myself for being sensible enough to search out a pair of plain pull-on black jersey trousers.  And the elasticated waistband became into its own after a few days of gluttony, overeating,  fine dining.

I didn't belt up my white shirt.  But looking at how this variation came out, I wish I had.  This is something I will repeat, defo.
(I once saw Sade perform in something similar - a look forever stored  in my memory banks)

But worn loosely it works in tandem with the pull ons to create a smart maternity outfit, because, yes, I succumbed to an on board romance and have returned with a food baby!

Black lace camisole and wide leather studded belt (jumble sale find 25 years ago).

With cami under.

And without the cami.

With or without cami, I think it makes no difference.

So there you have a few ideas for easy holiday dining styling.

The pieces fold down to nothing in a suitcase.

And the BIG plus - They require no ironing!!

You can ring simple changes with the belt, tied in the front ...

... or worn as a cumberbund.

Oh and I forgot to recreate it but my little spiders-web poncho was just perfect worn over the cami look in the AC restaurant.

So there you have it.   Me, in praise of pull-on trousers.  I didn't see that one coming!!!

With apologies for untidy bedroom and hair - can you do me a favour and see past the messiness and just be in awe of the epiphany I've had - I'm praising granny trousers!

You can find

And here.


 And here's some white shirt inspo because ...

... well, just because.

A la perchoine,
Mary x.


  1. You have created some great looks here Mary. This type of pant is so easy to wear and to pack. Great purchase.

    1. Thanks, Christy, so true and I'm really surprised how versatile they are.
      Hugs, x.

  2. You certainly didn't age a whole generation in these chic pull on pants! They are fabulous! I especially love them with the belt - that svelte hourglass figure of yours is hot, hot, hot!They would be great for packing. Speaking of which, I need to get busy!!

    1. Firstly, from what I've seen on Insta, you've packed VERY well for your trip!
      Thanks for your sweet compliments but there is nothing svelte about my figure right now as with family over its been eat, eat, eat - #feelingbloated!
      Hugs, x.

  3. Very glam, and the comfort factor is definitely a plus. How is the food baby doing?

    1. Thanks Jay, but oh that food baby, it's going into its third trimester - I've been on a dine out binge with visiting family!
      Hugs, x.

  4. I've always liked pull on trousers - as you said, so forgiving! Yours are lovely and look fab on you. Love the way you rang the changes and the belted look is brilliant!

    1. Yes, there's a lot to love about forgiving trousers eh?!!
      Thanks, I did like the belted look.
      Hugs, x.

  5. I used to feel the same about elasticated waists but I love my Hope black culottes and they have one! The waist is quite uncompromising, and with the thick quality material there's no room for food babies! Your black trews look great - perfect capsule and holiday dressing. Thanks for linking up at #WowOnWednesday

    1. Oh I should have got myself trews with unforgiving fabric too, that would have forced me to say NO to that in board food romance!
      Hugs, x.

  6. With you there regarding pull on trousers ! You can get some fashionable ones now .....certainly not granny by any means....even Next I have noticed have some elastic back trousers in their current collection. I followed the link and for some reason the trousers in M&S were hook & eye ? Thanks for such a great & honest post.

    1. So pleased there are a few of these forgiving trousers around, lucky us! And thank you so much for spotting my link boo-boo, I've hopefully corrected it now.
      Hugs, x.

  7. They sound un-flattering but in the right material they are a godsend. I should come and make you eat your words Mary! Hehe. They look amazing on. Similar to a pair that I have and love xx

    1. Absolutely Laurie, the fabric drapes well so they work. Oh, maybe words are calorie free, maybe I SHOULD eat mine!!!
      Hugs, x.