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Thursday 24 August 2017

Such a Perfect Day

Such a Perfect Day
A coffee, a lunch on a whim,
Then later the beach and a swim,
And then go home.

Yesterday was one of those Perfect Days.
It started out with this outfit.  A meet up with my Cruisin' Cousins over coffee,
here at The Urban Kitchen

We discussed plans for our forthcoming mini cruise and, of course, what to pack.  I passed on the great tips you lovely readers have given me and we will take those on board (pun started out unintentionally but how I like it now!).
The cardi was superfluous by the time I parked the car, such a beautifully warm day.

Meanwhile, TP had walked home through pretty lanes from the paper shop where I dropped him off.  He sat in his favourite armchair and sudokued and crossworded peacefully and to his heart's content.

TP and I then met up for lunch with friends.  We walked to a nice beachside restaurant,  getting in our daily dose of exercise.
And by this time, it was too hot for even a slip of colourful silk around my neck.

The shoes had been changed for some good walkers, these Clarks flatties and the scarf had been stylishly tied to my handbag, a Jones bag, as in this older photo.  NB: This bag was again admired at coffee.  It's really old but it receives compliments nearly every time I wear it ... even after all these years!

The beachside restaurant can look like this in bad weather.

Fortunately, in August it looks like this!  A Perfect Day.
And during the day, the glorious sun shines through the glass doors, so this is the best view I could give you from my table.

Scallops wrapped in bacon.

We had an invigorating walk back home.  I walked briskly, to work off some lunch calories.
Then, back home, a lovely surprise.  Voicemail from Son.  A meet up at tea time down at the beach.

Oh what a smashing time we had.

We swam lots with the GKs.  We frolicked in the water, played games at the water's edge.
We caught up with family news whilst lolling around, our bathers (swimsuits) drying on us in the sun as sandwiches and yummy home made biscuits were nibbled.
So perfect.

A v. old Next kaftan, with nice beaded detail on the neckline.  I usually wear it on poolside holidays only.  I don't go on many of those.  So it's v. old but still v. new!


Under my kaftan I wore my brown bathers from Bravissimo.  Great for swimming,  dry in a flash.  V. old and still like new, even though worn loads, in salt and chlorine water every single year, for the past 10 or so.

 We returned home, my hair looking like that of a surfer girl granny after so much swimming in salty sea water.
And The Photographer said "Today has been a Perfect Day.  This feels like retirement."

Such a Perfect Day, I'm glad I shared it with you
Have you had a Perfect Day this summer?  Maybe you've had many.
What is a Perfect Day to you?  Do you have the elements of a Perfect Day in mind? 
Or do days just surprise you by being unexpectedly Perfect?
Perhaps there just isn't a prescription for a Perfect Day ...

A la perchoine.


  1. Love the photos of the beach! If I had to describe a perfect day, it would be beautiful weather on the beach with people I love, and a fantastic picnic. And since we're going for perfection here, I'd look and feel about 20 years younger also!

    I've also had some perfect days that didn't involve the beach, but the water is always icing on the cake!

    Deb in Ohio

    1. Hi Deb, thanks for popping in. Sounds like you and me are singing from the same Perfect Day hymn sheet. And I do like your tweaked embellishment off those 20 years!! Hugs, x.

  2. A perfect day indeed my friend, sounds lovely and very different from the way my days have been as of late. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

    1. Oh dear Mrs R, has return to school been a bit frantic? Sorry to hear that. In the meantime. I will enjoy x 3, and I hope you have fun x 3 this weekend! Hugs, x.

  3. Aww, I'm so happy you had such a perfect day! Your outfits are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Amy, that day had all the elements to make it perfect. And I was thrilled to be wearing a dress!
      Hugs and enjoy your weekend, x.