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Saturday 19 August 2017

Jumping Ship

Hello dear reader, hope you are enjoying a blissful Saturday.
I am too, a friend visiting the island has popped round for coffee and we've had a great catch-up.
And I am calm.

Yesterday I coffee'd with some golf friends.

I wore a simple stone linen skirt, black M&S modal top.

If these Clarks flatties hadn't been produced, I would have had to invent them.  Such a go-to.

I am calm today but yesterday I was fretting, just a little.  You see, I'm soon going off on my first cruise. Ever!  The cruise is very short.  And I have no idea what to pack.  As a result, I've done what I always do when faced with a packing challenge ... I've procrastinated.  But the cruise is rapidly creeping up on me so I gave some thought to the task.  Simple works.  So I'm taking my first step to put together a very simple capsule.

Starting with colourful - stone and black, it's worked for me on previous short trips, albeit not at sea, so that is my starting point.
Colour sorted.  But a girl cannot cruise with skirt and top alone.    So what else do I pack?

I got going on some serious research.  I checked the destination's weather and then headed to the company's brochure.  Ouch! The blurb has a big section on dress codes, which seems a bit overkill for the few days we will be onboard.  But it is the first section of several pages of small print, so the company must view dressing appropriately as Rule No. 1 on board.  It talks about smart dining, black tie, cocktail dresses.  And it seems that rules is rules when it comes to dressing onboard.

Have you been on any short cruises?  Were they evening-formal?  Is the dress code controlled?

My mind drifted, thinking of something to dress up or down. 
I thought black.  I thought "jumpsuit".  Black jumpsuit!
Good idea, Pout! Err, except that you don't have one.  Your one and only was an 80s dark blue boiler suit affair and it came with its inbuilt lavatorial challenges.  You do remember having to take off all your layers, which you hung on the cubicle hook before slipping off the jumpsuit (carefully, so that it did not touch the venue's toilet floor, heaven forbid). then doing the whole thing in reverse after your penny was spent?  Yes, it's all coming back to you, eh Pout?!

 But my response to my inner kill-joy is that things must have changed, surely, otherwise they wouldn't be sported by so many fashionistas currently.  Surely significant changes have been made to accommodate pit-stops in the past three decades and, as with Teflon, the jumpsuit's crotch has benefited from space travel's innovations.

So I ask you, dear reader, why do we wear them? There are so many around, perhaps ladies have become more adept at stripping off.  Or do they flatter so much that no one cares?

Before too long my mind was totally fixated on jumpsuits and I had to have one.
I had to see whether arrangements have changed "down there".  Or whether the jumpsuit is so body-flattering that one can live with the inconveniences in the conveniences!

Do you have a jumpsuit?  Are they as challenging today as they were back in the day?

Trim Detail Jumpsuit

Roman Originals

And then I snapped out of my jumpsuit reverie and found in my inbox confirmation of this having been purchased.  Well, there's a surprise!

Yes, ladies, I'm fretting just a little about packing for the unknown and maybe the jumpsuit is giving me one fret too many.  But the button has been pressed, so I'm moving on.  
Today I'm going to stop my ostriching.   I'm going on my first cruise and I have to turn up at the dock with a cruise-appropriate capsule.  And I'll be having lots of fun onboard with my travel companions, so it's time to get in the driving seat and get building my cruise capsule.

Have you cruised?  How do you pack for mini cruises?  Is it as formal as it sounds in the blurb?
I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!

But in the meantime, when faced with a major fret ...

... eat pasta and stay calm!

A la perchoine.


  1. I've never been on a cruise either, so I can't help you there. My sister and her husband find cruse deals all the time, but they live in Florida and can just drive to the port. Is this the kind of cruise where food comes with the deal? It it is, I think any garment that expands nicely is the key because mostly Donna talks about how great the food was on her trips. But what do I know? I'm just a land locked Midwesterner.

    But, I did just get a black Mango jumpsuit from Poshmark (on line resale shop-you know me) and it's wonderfully baggy (I'm going to use a belt with it) and it just might be the thing to wear for Thanksgiving dinner in November-because there I need Major expandable clothes!

    1. Hi Terri, Your sis is so lucky to pick up those bargains. I'm on the whole food deal too, so your expanding waistband tip is spot on. I remember taking a trip to Oslo from Copenhagen when my friend and I, both skinnies at the time, must have pigged out on the cold buffet for the whole trip. We sneaked off to the kiddie's play area and lay on bean bags with our tight jean zips undone!! Doing that at my age and with the body I now have would look grotesque!
      Your jumpsuit sounds pretty perfect. I'm looking forward to seeing you applying your great style to it on your blog in the build up to Thanksgiving.
      Thanks for popping in with your words of wisdom!

  2. We recently took a two-week Baltic cruise. Two "black tie optional" nights. I did buy a dress because I literally did not own ONE. I would have been perfectly appropriately dressed in my usual go-to black slacks, black tank an long stretch silk jacket. Or even no jacket--just a dressy scarf or shawl or a nice statement necklace. And maybe flirty shoes. Even though the dress code reminded me of middle school. Also, there may be several restaurants if we didn't want to go to the main event. Remember, the cruise company wants you to have a good time, be comfortable and book again.

    Also, no way in heck you will ever get me into a jumpsuit again. Or a bodysuit with snaps. I was a lot more flexible and less grossed out by public bathrooms the first time around (for me) in 1978.

    Have a great cruise!

    1. Well, A, you probably have no idea how useful your comment is to me. You've given me lots of ideas. I'm on the case!
      Loved your bit about being grossed out by public bathrooms, because I've taken the same route as you. I am paranoid about touching surfaces in floor public toilets. I think we do become much more conscious of potential problems as we age. I must make life a misery for those around me!
      Thanks for popping in and hope to hear from you again soon, x.

  3. Hi there Pout! Newish reader, have been wanting to write to say how much I enjoy seeing your face when I log on - you are radiant, and your lipstick is always so becoming it gives me an instant lift...
    But I really had to write after reading today's post: try the blog Wardrobe Oxygen - click on the little magnifying glass at the far right of the black band at the top and type in jumpsuits. The first post to appear should be about how to pick them (it's a couple of years old, but the general suggestions should still hold), followed by several others which cover the argument royally.
    I hope this will help, and I just love your blog!
    Mamma Laura

    1. Hi Mamma Laura, welcome to my blog! Firstly, thank you so much for your very sweet words. I am flattered and humbled. Apropos lipstick, I hardly ever wear it these days, preferring lipsalve to condition the lips and allow my own lip colour to come through. You may be referring to the pout lips I have permanently running on the right column - that is definitely lipsticked! It's a clear red from YSL and I pull that out for my rare "glam" occasions!
      Now, on to your helpful tip. I've been on that site and my first reaction was a sigh of relief - seeing a blogger who, like me, is not a size 0! I read a little over breakfast and will go read so more later. I think she's a blogger I'll keep going back to, so thanks for that, so helpful.
      I'm so thrilled you love my blog and I hope you keep coming back with your comments, x.

  4. Hello there. Love your blog! I have been following you for a few months now as I only recently discovered you via t'internet! I too retired recently and have been struggling with what to wear now that office-appropriate outfitsare no longer appropriate. I have never cruised, I get seasick on our local boating lake, but I have just bought my first ever jumpsuit. Alas, not as classy as your little black number but a snazzy floral design in a super stretchy fabric which I am planning to take on hols to Bermuda in a week or two. Looking forward to seeing your outfit photos. JC

    1. Hi JC, and welcome to my blog! It's so lovely to hear from all readers and it's great to hear from readers like you who've been reading for a while and pop out of the woodwork, so to speak. I absolutely love hearing from readers, because it tells me my words aren't disappearing in the ether but actually landing on someone's computer screen!
      Yes, it is a surprisingly daunting step, moving from the security of office wear into smart casual, SC being something I never really understood in my working life ad now it is with me EVERY day. Let's work on this challenge together!!
      So, you, me and Terri have ventured into jumpsuit territory - let's keep in touch on how the "practicalities" work out.
      Wishing you a lovely holiday in Bermuda and if you are thinking about venturing on the water whilst you're there, there are some fantastic seasick remedies available OTC these days.
      Hope you pop back again soon, x.

  5. My friend went cruising and she was worried too. She found a lot of people had dressy jewellery to sharpen up outfits, and a sparkly jacket went a long way. Not everyone dressed up but most people did (and no, there weren't fashion police but one or two events you might not have felt comfortable at in jeans shorts!) Your wardrobe is fab, I'm sure you'll cook something great up. cathy

    1. HI Cathy, and welcome to my blog. I'm so excited to have so many new readers commenting today!
      Your comment is so useful, jewellery is something that I can experiment with and as for the sparkly jacket, I don't think I have one but maybe that's something I can pick up in a charity shop. I am getting excited about this cruise packing now, so big thanks to you and all the other lovely ladies for chipping in with advice and guidance.
      Hope you visit me again soon, it's always great to hear from you, x.

  6. Mary, Mary, Mary, I'm here to help. I've been on a bunch of cruises and you know what? There are all kinds of people dressed in all kinds of clothing. Usually the longer the cruise, the more formal the "formal" night is. Rule number one is to be comfortable. Cruise ship companies want you to be happy and book another cruise so it's doubtful they'd ever say anything to anyone about not being properly dressed. As long as you don't show up in a tank top over your bathing suit you'll be fine! Bring a few easy dresses and use your accessories to kick it up a notch - a little goes a long way. Make sure you bring comfortable clothes too so when you are hanging out with your travel companions you can relax. Some cruise ships are so enormous you walk alot so be sure you bring comfortable shoes. A black jumpsuit is a great idea. Mine was dirt cheap and has no buttons or zippers, it pulls on and off so easily. You are going to have a great time and I can't wait to see what you pack!

    1. And then along pops Kellyann, always so helpful, always such fun! Of course, I should have thought that living in Florida you could be my Cruise Guru.
      Seems like accessories is the way to go, from what I'm reading. I've earmarked my comfy shoes, my Clarks flatties of course, but now need to start working on the capsule in earnest. There is absolutely no fear that I will turn up at the captain's table in my bathing suit and tank top, you HAVE seen my body, eh?!!
      Thanks for being so helpful, as always. Wishing you a happy week at school, x.

  7. Haven't been on a cruise and only had a slight brush with a jumpsuit. I ordered one from M&S but it was a fiddle to get on and off so I didn't keep it. I think it's a great idea for your cruise because jumpsuits look so elegant and chic. You'll just have to go easy on the water! A maxi dress would probably be good with a wrap for strolls in the evening!

    1. Like it, Gail! I can go easy on the water, but full on with the wine? :-) I'll check out the ease of slipping off when this jumpsuit arrives. Thanks for your tips, a wrap sounds like a good thing to pack, x.

  8. Hi Pout, so happy you are going on a cruise! You will love it. I have cruised, let me think...5 times? Short or long, a great way to vacation. If you go to my blog and search "cruise", I have several posts about packing for cruises. Look at the picture of the sparkly wrap. One of my best finds, and makes anything dressy. Can't wait to see pictures! Have fun!

    1. Hi Susan, I checked your posts, very helpful and it was interesting to see what you wore onboard, great inspiration. That wrap is so pretty. Accessories and a wrap are the messages coming through from you helpful readers, x.

  9. Dear PP. I agree with Kellyann. Just you be comfortable and do not worry about dress codes. No one will be sent back to their room if they're not dressed 'correctly'. Your dress sense is fine as it is and you will look glamorous whatever you wear (with a bit of pout-lippie ofcourse!). Yes, I also agree that accessories are a big part of glamming up and by looking at previous posts, you have plenty of that! A glitzy wrap then finishes things off. Dressy shoes for the evening and comfortable flats for day-time activities etc. Oh, let's not forget a multi-purpose handbag and a little glam-bag for evenings. Happy cruising!!!

    1. Hi LD, thanks for your helpful advice. Consensus is to pack a accessories, a wrap, a don't-worry attitude and now you've added a glam-bag into the mix, which I'd overlooked. My head's a-whirrin'! Think I need to focus on a girls' world throw-whole-wardobe-on-the-bed day today :o).
      Thanks for popping in, x.

  10. I think your still going to have the same problem with the jumpsuit Mary! But on the other hand I bet this wont crease at all. I think it's a great choice, plus you can go to the loo in your own room! I Only possess one jumpsuit, a silk affair handed down from mother, but it's worth the toilet hassel. xx

    1. Yours much be gorgeous to turn a blind eye to toilet trip difficulties. Mine arrived today, looks lovely on. Now need to put it through its paces with some on and off action in a small space!

  11. I have one that I haven't worn yet and there is no change in arrangements from the 80s. I'm going on a cruise next year so looking forward to you giving me tips. You'll have fun and I know you'll pack the perfect capsule.

    1. Hi sweet twin, oh shame press studs haven't been added. Do let me know how you get on with yours, hope it pops in on your blog soon. I'm testing mine's toilet-friendliness, just amateur testing though, won't be taking mine on and off 30,000 times like an Ikea Poang chair testing!
      I'll give you a full cruise capsule report, hope it'll help! Hugs x.

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